The Xanga Blog and Michael Jackon is Dead

So I just realized that my old blog probably made absolutely no sense since half of it was chopped off. So I’ll re-post it now, as if you really want to read it. As I’m writing this the news is saying that Michael Jackson has died. What a day of random deathanicity along with Farrah Fawcett. Wait to go you albino moon walking tool for up-deathing one of Charlie’s Angels. Well I ramble some times. Here’s that post. Enjoy… again.

Sup yall? Im just sittin at the computer doin nada. So whats the deal with people who have foot feddishs? (I know I didnt spell that right but get over it lol) I mean come on! Sure the human foot is a genius and interesting apendage, but still think of all of the pooish stuff you have stepped in. I was watchin Jerry Springer last night and this guy thought it was kinky to eat peanut butter and jelly off of his “lovers” foot. (I have lovers in quotation marks because probably the last girl he kissed was his mom.) So the next time you step in dog crap when you are bare foot, think that some pervert thinks that his foot is so cleant that he can eat off of it. You might not care, but someone has to.

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