Put This in Your Frame and Hang it!

Whenever I post pictures I usually preface it with “I’m no Ansel Adams but here it goes.” But this time I’d rather save my non-self confidence vote for sharing something more venerable… like the hiakus love letters that I never sent to Nichole Kidman. Moving on I will instead just say enjoy.

under a tree

When you are sick of your sister blabbing about nothing what do you do? Go outside and take a picture of course. That’s pretty much what happened here. I went and sat under a tree and just started to shoot.


Since 2007, I have spent a total of 114 days in Alaska. This was shot in the Eagle River State Park outside of Anchorage. It’s hard to take a bad picture in Alaska.


Have you ever felt like a tourist when you’re in a local spot and everyone is looking at you funny when you take out your camera? That was the self esteem raping feeling I had when I shot this at Pike Place in Seattle regardless it was an awesome trip (since it was my honeymoon) and got some decent pictures.


Finally, for now, this is outside our house on top of our landlord’s Dr Pepper machine. I had just found out I could shoot black and white so I was trying it out.

I’m sure you are trying to figure out the theme of this picture collection and let me just save you trying to be philosophical and tell you there isn’t one. Sorry. I hope you liked them and I’ll put up some more (with an overall theme) soon. Until next time…


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