Dear Society, Once Again You’ve Dropped The Ball

Last night, society as whole sunk to a new low. If you haven’t heard, last night during the MTV Music Video Awards Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video by taking the mic from the country music star and saying that Beyonce’s music video “Single Ladies” was the best video of the year. As you can imagine, Taylor is just standing there looking more confused than usual and most likely thinking “Well that sucked.” After I watched the clip on YouTube, I kept thinking to myself how sad it is that someone thought that would be okay. I mean honestly I think Taylor Swift is terrible (No offense Taylor) but I wouldn’t wish that embarrassment on anyone. I respect free speech but there is still (for now) something to be said for public decency which was completely thrown out the window last night.

Okay that was part one of this rant, welcome to part two. After watching this ridicoulousness, I was a really good blog about the fiasco on Yahoo! music called “Kanye West Has Truly Lost It This Time” by Billy Johnson Jr. ( and I wrote a comment something to the effect that Kanye is a tool and is a shame to the human race. So I went to look for my comment (because I’m that narcissistic) and there were already around 9,000 responses to the blog and I have only been up for around 20 minutes, in fact right now there are 41,345 responses to that blog. So when I was on the hunt for my comment, I started to reading the responses and once again, I was ashamed of the human race. These are some of the comments from the readers. Notice: I do not condone any of the following comments, I didnt write any of them and those who did are so wrong.

MTV Should have escorted him straight to the county jail as they would have anyone else.
This guy no need to even call him a man because that is something he will never be, maybe some of the good ole boys should take him for a little ride in the back of a ford pick up truck……..get my meaning???????

He’s black, what do you expect. He doesn’t have any class. West go to hell. I hope you lose your voice.

Kanye what a tool! you can take the monkey out of the jungle, but u cant take the jungle out of the monkey!
Kanye sucks!


These were just some of the comments, others had the hideously offensive “N” word and I dont mean “Nickleback,” the other one. Even though what Kanye said was very wrong, these comments alone are still 10 times worse than his actions. I can’t understand that anyone would think that it would be okay to reference the Jasper, TX murders. Would that really be justice for interrupting a 19-year-old? NO. Honestly I’m madder that people would use such harsh words against another living being.

This is where the title of this post comes in. I think Kanye was so wrong for doing that to not even his worst enemy, and I think the people who commented on that blog are so wrong as well. If society ever wants to be able to hold each other accountable, people can’t react with such malice and racism. To me, what Kanye did gets cancelled out because of what was said about him. When senseless words are said like that, the gaps between sections society get wider and the path to a more moral world get longer. I’m not a hippy or anything, but I’m a person that wants the world to be a better place for my kids and even by just being more cordial one another will, in the long run, go a long way.


2 thoughts on “Dear Society, Once Again You’ve Dropped The Ball

  1. I would agree with you, Nathan. I think a good example of what you’re talking about is Jay Leno last night. I think he crossed the line when he brought Kanye’s mother into the whole ordeal. Granted, what Kanye did was completely unacceptable, and he needed to apologize for his actions (which he did). However, I don’t think it was Jay’s place pry into his personal life and ask him if his mother would be disappointed, especially considering how emotional Kanye appeared to be after the fact.

    When did the norm become returning evil for evil rather than turning the other cheek?

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