Day 1

Butterball Turkey Bacon: 2 slices- 1 point
(Only 50 calories and 3 grams of fat for 2 slices!!!)

Fresh Market Cage Free Eggs: 2 eggs- 5 points
I made scrambled eggs and instead of milk I added 2 tbsp. of Fat Free Half and Half which is only a point which you can do with out, its worth it for fluffy eggs.

Pepperidge Farm Ancient Grains bread: 1 slice- 2 points
Bread is usually high, but you need the fiber so it’s a necessary evil.


For lunch I had my new favorite microwavable meals: Amy’s Cheese Tamale Verde: 9 points. It’s a lot of points but it was so worth it because not only was it filling, but I don’t feel gross I I had spent those 9 points on something greasy.

I added some salsa, which is no points (you heard me right! Salsa in moderation is a freebie!) and then a slice of watermelon which was only 2 points. Not bad for a sweet, refreshing dessert!

<—- In answer to your question, yes, it was as amazing as it looked.

Snack: Orange Juice: 3 points (Worth it because I’m fighting off a cold.)


Fried chicken and mash potatoes. Yes, you heard me right. Megan has an awesome WW cookbook and one of the best recipes is the corn flake crusted baked chicken. The mash potatoes didn’t have any butter, but a very small amount of light sour cream and an even smaller amount of non-fat cream cheese. So here is the point breakdown:

Chicken: 7 points

Potatoes: 4 points

A light cheese biscuit: 3 points

Daily Total: 35

I was only a point over today but its okay because you 35 flex points that you can use through out the week and I haven’t used any yet this week. Overall, I ate really well today and I’m on a diet! See you tomorrow.


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