Day 3: Weigh In Day!!!!

So today was the big day! The first big weigh on this long journey to healthiness.

[Insert Drumroll]

I lost 10.8 pounds this week! Hooray! At first I didn’t believe but after getting on the scale 3 different times this morning and got the same result I was freakin’ stoked. I know that this happens the first week and a lot of that was water weight but it’s still pretty awesome because lately I had developed this gross fat ring above my waist line and that has been thinned out a bit to that’s a win for me.

This also means that my daily point allotment has gone from 35 to 33 points which is going to be a little of a challenge because I’ve been cutting it close this week.

Megan, my stud of a wife, dropped 6.6 pounds and I’m so proud of her!!!

Breakfast: Again, today was one of those days that I slept in way too late thanks to NyQuil so after I was up and running, Megan made Steel Cut Oats with brown sugar and nutmeg. If you haven’t had steel cut oats, its oatmeal cut a different way than instant that we are all use to. The steel cut have a texture that takes some time to get use to (it’s like eating barley) but they are way better for you and with some brown sugar and nutmeg it was still only 3 points. Not bad for a breakfast that keeps you full all morning!

Steel Cut Oatmeal w/ brown sugar and nutmeg: 3 Points


For lunch I had a Lean Cuisine microwavable lunch that was sub par. I don’t want to talk about it. It’s not that I don’t usually like LC meals but I don’t think I microwaved it long enough so it just was bleck.

Lean Cuisine Grossness: 6 points

Snack: I had some cornflakes which its 3 points for 1/2 cup with skim milk. Not really worth the points. Even when I had two servings I kind of regretted it. Live and learn right?

2 servings of Cornflakes and skim milk: 6 points

Another snack: I tried the WW White Chocolate Raspberry Yogurt which was just fantabulous! It’s only 1 point and it feels like a bucket full of happiness if you use the smallest spoon you have which is what I did. (My Jedi Food Mind Trick of the day!)

This awesomeness: 1 point


Thanks again to the amazing WW Cookbook, we went Mexican again with a Tamale Casserole! Instead of ground beef, the recipe calls for turkey which is way less greasy and you couldn’t tell the difference at all. We also had a salad and I tried the Kraft Free Dijon Mustard which was pretty good and only 50 calories for 2 tbsp.

A serving and a half of the Tamale Casserole: 9 points

2 tbsp of fat free dressing: 1 point

An organic orange for dessert: 1 point (We were going to get just regular oranges at Wal-Mart but they were from South Africa. We live in Florida!!! That doesn’t make a lick of sense so we coughed up the dollar a pound extra.)

The grand total today: 27 points Which is pretty well under but I still ate well today so I can’t complain.

I just want to say thanks again for everyone’s support so far. It truly means a lot to me. See ya tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Day 3: Weigh In Day!!!!

  1. 10.8 pounds!!! Yah! Congrats to you and Megan! I gotta say, I am a tad jealous that it took you one week to lose more then what I have lost my entire time on weight watchers. lol. Keep it up, it’s totally working. šŸ˜€

  2. I found you! You didn’t leave a link on your comment, so I just guessed:) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Is it all right if I link you on my “blogs i follow” section?

  3. Wow! That is a fantastic loss! I remember my 4 and 5 pound loss a week days- wow did they feel good!

    I think your accounting of each day on this blog should be my inspiration to do the same on mine, although some days I am not proud of the things I splurge on.

  4. Congrats y’all that’s awesome!!! Just a tip that I found out through my family, ALWAYS substitute ground turkey for ground beef. Like you said, way less greasy and you can’t tell a difference. Sometimes you’ll even find you’ll prefer it over ground beef.

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