Sup G skillets!

It’s Friday! I don’t know about you but it has been a long week and I’m ready for some college football and maybe a Cowboys win? (If you are reading this Jerry Jones… call up Bill Cowher and offer him a coaching job… or at least meet me halfway and fire Jason Garrett.)

Breakfast: So I don’t know if this is a trend, but in both at ACU and FSU there have been a Starbucks in the libraries. Which is fantastic because I had an early study group today and I needed the caffeine. But anywho, earlier this week I posted a question about what was your favorite Starbucks light drink. As I was rushing through my iPod Touch to find the responses while I was in line, I was asked what I wanted (I hate it when they ask the people further back in the line what they want. I know it saves time and all but we have been conditioned to know what we want when we are at the cash register, not 4 people back, but that’s for another blog.) In my haste I looked up at the board and saw Mocha Light Frappuccino. So I decided to go with that. I have to be honest it kind of tasted like Chocolate Slim Fast which is not my favorite but my breathe still tastes like toothpaste so who knows how good it actually was (but I’m not optimistic.) One the other hand, its not too bad for you. It only had 167 calories, 2 grams of fat and 3 grams of fiber so it was only 3 points for a Grande. I did miss the whipped cream but you gotta do what you gotta do right?

Lunch: Once again, I was on campus and I didn’t bring a lunch (which I should have brought one but I kind of ran out of time this morning and we are out of lunch meat (Fail2 ) but it worked out because I ate a Pollo Tropical with some people from my class. I tried the Chicken TropiChop with Bean and White Rice. Last time I didn’t get the combo and I wished I had because they don’t have free water cups (lame right?) so I go the combo which came with a side and a drink. Sides are usually what got me especially since one of the sides was mac and cheese [insert Homer Simpson mmmmmmmm soundbite here] but I was good and had the Balsamic Tomatoes which were really good and only 2 points! The TropiChop was only 11.5 points so so far so good today!

Snack: 14 amazing almonds for 2 points

Dinner: We did the leftover dance this evening which was fine for my because I think Uncle Jim’s chili gets better after aging in the fridge for a day or two. Growing up in Texas, Friday nights in the fall (but in Texas it was still summer) were dedicated for high school football and nothing else. My favorite concession food (other than sausage in a tortilla) was Frito pie. Tonight, in honor of Hillsboro playing Maypearl (not really) we made Frito pie with tortilla chips. As always, it was awesome. 12 tortilla chips were only 4 points, the chili was on another 4 points, and the WW cheese was just 1 point!

Dessert: We had some friends over and we made our favorite Disney World treats: Pineapple Floats!!!!! We originally found these treats during our honeymoon at Disney World and it hit the spot during that super hot July. They are a great lighter answer to root beer or coke floats and if you get some Publix Low Fat Vanilla Ice cream it’s the prefect treat. The 1/2 cup of ice cream was on 2 points and a cup of pineapple juice was only 3 points!

(Left) Megan slurping her float down

(Below)Our friend Leah trying not to laugh

So today totaled out at: 31.5 points so not too bad of a day. Enjoy your Friday evening and I’ll see ya tomorrow. Go Noles!


3 thoughts on “Day 8 (IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!)

  1. try the caramel light next time might not taste like a diet shake πŸ™‚ except it might be more sugary.. other good ones are java chip light and cafe vanilla light (but make sure they know you want cafe vanilla and not vanilla bean– two totally different drinks!) I think they have pumpkin spice flavor right now too and you may be able to order mint chocolate (or maybe not till winter). haha. but if you’re at starbucks everyday it’s probably best to alternate with coffees and teas. my favorite right now is passion iced tea.

  2. Nathan this is the coolest thing ever!! This takes a lot of hard work and courage, and on top of that your sharing it with everyone. I give you guys major props and will help in what ever way I can. You and Megan are doing awesome πŸ™‚

  3. Nathan, I’ve never had any of the light drinks because I don’t like things made with splenda. I usually just do the make your way frap, I order the Carmel Frap with no whip and have them make it with non fat milk. The iced coffee with non fat milk is good too!

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