Day 9


It has been a whirlwind of a day! The Noles won big time and the Rangers clinched the AL West so I would classify that as a legit day.

Lunch: Before the game we indoor tailgated at Wingstop with our bud Matt. Wingstop is one of my favorite eateries ever so it was a real treat but my first real eat out  challenge. For some frustrating reason, they don’t have their nutritional information on their website (which is shady) but luckily when I was doing my calorie homework (which I suggest everyone doing when they know they are going to eat out) I found them online posted independently. Megan and I split 5 lemon pepper and 5 garlic parmesan and each had our own fries (I think their fries are better than their wings. Any time you sprinkle sugar on fries you know it’s going to be epic.) The wings were 8.5 points and the fries were 9 points of pure Heaven. I know that’s a bit much but we have been pretty good so it was a nice little treat.

Dinner: We had two (delicious) challenges in one day! We went out with some friends to celebrate our friend Leah’s birthday (the same Leah from yesterday’s post) at Outback. Once again, we had done our homework and found out that The Grilled Chicken on the Barbie was the only pseudo low point entree  in a place full of high calorie bombshells. It was a real eye opener to us because like most of us we always filled up on their awesome bread. I was good and only ate one piece (about an 1/8 of the loaf) with no butter which was only 1 point. Since my side was only steamed vegetables, I decided to get a house salad which in hind sight might have been a mistake. Outback only has one light dressing which was a variation on french dressing (super lame) so I was got ranch which I knew better but I didn”t want to eat it dry. So that was an 8 point mistake. The Grilled Chicken on the Barbie with the veggies side was a whopping 14 points (delicious fail.) Thank goodness for flex points right?

So today I totaled out at 40.5 points which was 7.5 points over. Frankly I’m mad about it but we did eat out twice in one day and we never do that (and probably won’t from now on.) Luckily though I was good and had only used 6 flex points in the week so I used 13.5 out of my 35 available flex points.

Tomorrow is weigh in day!!! and I’m really nervous about it. I don’t feel like I’ve done near as well as I did last week since I didn’t get to workout this week. However, next week is a clean slate and that’s what we all have to remember. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 9

  1. Okay you Losers! Here are my tips for you:
    1. Drink your water (if you don’t like water, add something to it like those Crystal Light single flavor things or lemon)
    2. Take a sharpie and write the “points per serving” on everything in your house that is edible. This is a way fun activity to do together.
    3. Pre-bag veggies to one point servings … you can do the same with some fruit too. So you have easy to-go snacks.
    4. Right now…eat before you go out to eat.
    5. Orville’s almost fat free Popcorn…high in fiber, low in calories, Filling! Great snack!
    6. Don’t deprive yourself of anything….eat a little of what you are craving and count it period.
    7. When you start the exercise part of the lifestyle change you are going through, use your exercise points for something, i.e. walking +2 points for a skinny cow ice cream -2 points = great health gained but not calories/fat. I walked to have either a 2 point ice cream or a 2 point beer. If I was choosing the beer that day, I would always have my popcorn with it too. Wonderful 7 or 8 p.m. snack.
    8. You are not Losing Weight….you are getting rid of it. If you lose something, you usually find it later….you don’t want this….you want to GET RID OF IT. (Just don’t give it to me…hahaha!!!…I definitely don’t need it.
    9. Lastly, for now, if you want a great 1 pt muffin recipe or 1 point/cup Taco Soup recipe, let me know. I will get it to you.
    10. Oh and not so much variety in your food intake. Find a consistent menu that your brain can get used to. Save your variety for dinner. Too much variety makes you want to eat more!
    Okay enough for now….have fun & see your skinny booties in a little over a month!

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