Day 10 Weigh-in Funfest!

Good Sunday to ya!

It has been a cool and rainy day in Tallahassee. It’s a nice change from the sauna it has been. This morning, I hopped on the scale (actually I didn’t hop on because it’s generally dangerous for fat people to jump on anything) and I lost 1.6 pounds! At first I was a little disappointed, but then Megan put it in context for me. She pulled out a can of soup and said “you lost this off your body this week.” That’s pretty cool (my wife is a stud) and considering I didn’t work out at all I’m pretty stoked about it.

Lunch: (I skipped breakfast again unintentionally. Fail.) Today we had a luncheon after church and they had sandwich stuff available so we ate there. It was a pretty good spread and the fruit medley was fantastic (I have always been an endorser of fresh fruit, especially when it’s only 1 point.) They had some bags of chips and I saw that the regular lays had 10 grams of fat in them for the serving of the small bag. Bad news bears. So I snatched the last bag of Sun Chips which was only 3 points. I figured out my sandwich was 5 points (skipping the gross looking processed cheese was worth it.) and I just stuck with ice water.

Snack: So since I started this thing I’ve been going on and on about the Emerald Trail Mix Berry Blend pouches that I thought were only 3 points. Well folks I have been duped. I’m usually really good about reading nutritional facts but this packaging is really confusing. I guess in my mind (even though I’ve looked at the facts many times) something in individualized packets would just be one serving. Turns out there are 2 servings in a 1.81 ounce pack, making it 5 points instead of 3. This is really frustrating to me because it is obviously intended to give the consumer a false sense of how healthy the product is for you. Granted, it’s still only 5 points and they are super filling. Anywho, the moral of this story is to watch out for these traps because next time it could be on something really bad like a doughnut or a candy bar. (This is The Scandal referenced on Facebook BTW)

Dinner: we had some amazing Tacos with Salsa from the WW cookbook. They are super filling and only 4 points for one taco (that’s with light sour cream and salsa.) So I had 3 tacos for 12 points.

Dessert: This evening I learned a lot about how much your eating habits and tastes can change over a short period of healthy eating. Tonight we went to Hiro’s Yogurt on Tennessee which is one of my favorite dessert shops in Tallahassee. It’s one of those places where it’s self serve yogurt and self serve toppings and you pay per ounce. Last time I went there (the first day of my diet pre-blogging) I went a little off the deep end.

Exhibit A: This is what I had the first time I was there. (This picture is named “ice cream fail.jpg” on my computer)

Exhibit B: This was tonight. Instead of chocolate I got Taro flavor and instead of sundae toppings I got strawberries and blueberries. The yogurt was 102 calories for 1/2 a cup so it came out to 4.5 points. I was really proud of myself about this because my sweet tooth is what got me in to this obese mess so I know substituting fruit for refined sugar is going to make this sucker work.

So today I came out at 30.5 points. Which is funny because I was full all day long but yesterday after eating out twice totaling over 40 points I felt empty.

My Tip of the Day: If you want to keep track of your points or to at least try out WW, bookmark this points calculator on your iPhone or iPod Touch (or what ever inferior product you might have) and just try it out this week. All you need to calculate your points is the calories, fat, and the fiber content. So try it on this week.


5 thoughts on “Day 10 Weigh-in Funfest!

  1. NATHAN! I am soooo proud of you! When I got pregnant with mya just over 6 years ago, I gained way more wt than I was suppose too. Then, I stress ate through nursing school, and got pregnant again. When it was all said and done I was about 60-70 ibs over my healthy wt! Then, slowly, painfully slow, I am starting to lose it. It has taken me almost 2 yrs to lose 40 ibs. And, some weeks I gain a little wt back! (i think about it like the stock market as long as the trend is going in the right direction, lol) SO HANG IN THERE! It is about making healthy life style changes/choices, feeling better and being consistent, not giving up!…(and exercise would help too). I kind of fell of the horse, so I need to keep back on! Can’t wait to see your progress! Thanks for the motivation!

  2. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one lol. I couldn’t believe that they were so deceptive! Sad days. Regardless, they are really great for after working out or to hold you over if you are having a late lunch.

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