Day 12 (Drummers Drumming)


It was a gorgeous morning here in Tally. I love living in a part of the country that actually has seasons. In Texas there was hot, really hot and then really cold.

Breakfast: a few blogs back (the first one I think) I talked about cooking up some turkey bacon and how it was such a good alternative to regular bacon. Later on someone wrote me that center cut bacon is just as good so we picked some up this week. She was awesomely right. It was actually lower points for 3 slices. Only 2 points! Although iwas less points, it was still weird to see all of the grease come off the bacon, so I was sure to pat off all the grease I could. I also I cooked up some eggs (cage free of course) and made them over medium. Back in my bigger days, I would just fry up the eggs in the bacon grease which tasted (ana) divine but today the thought of doing that made me sick so my body is still surprising me about what it’s craving. So sans the bacon grease the eggs were only 4 points.

I also tried to make a bacon face, because they’re awesome.

Snack: I went straight to workout after my class so I packed a Emerald Trail Mix pack because I knew I would need to eat something in that time. It’s always good to have a healthy snack in your backpack, satchel, la mochila, or even your trapper keeper. So that was 5 points.

Exercise: I went to Leach so excited to exercise it up! It felt like it had been forever! I hopped on the treadmill ready to jog/run, but I usually start off slow with a warm up walk. So I was on my iPod (answering fan mail lol) and I just kept walking and turning up the speed. Before I knew it I was up to 4.3 mph (at this point I would have been jogging) so it was feeling good and I just kept doing it, and I was feeling the burn! So I briskly walked and threw in a couple of jogs in there during certain songs.

I have a running mix on my iPod and I keep it on shuffle, but there are a few I will play at certain times for that extra boost. The first song is always Live Your Life by T.I featuring Rihanna since it’s 5 minutes and a good warm up song. Then about 15 minutes in I turn it to I’m Shipping to Boston by Dropkick Murphys (that awesome song from The Departed) and I’ll kick up the acceleration and run since it’s only 2 1/2 minutes. Finally when there’s about 9 minutes left the last two songs are D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT Remix) and Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio. Wolf Like Me is good because towards the end there is a slow part and then the last 1:30 is super intense. If you were cool you would download these songs right now and start sweating to the awesomes.

So overall I wogged 4.11 miles in about an hour, burning 829 calories according to the treadmill (I had the soaked shirt to prove it.) I’m sure you’re wondering if that number seems to be a little high, well… it is. When you’re has big as me, it’s a lot quicker to burn off calories. I was a great day.

Lunch: So thanks to a long workout and bus snafu (long story) I didn’t make it home until around 3 so I was starving!!! I warmed up my favorite Amy’s meal: Tamale Verde. It was fantastic. The best 9 points I’ve ever eaten, and the 1 point orange was great as well. (At that point, I could have eaten a piece of tire and enjoyed it.)

Dinner: 2 hours later I had dinner. When you start WW, it’s hard to find a restaurant that not only has their nutritional value available, but are also a place where you can eat and still have points left. This is especially annoying since most local places (the good places) generally don’t have that information. Anywho, after about 30 minutes of investigating, I found the Pita Pit Website where you can build your pita and it will calculate the nutritional value. I found the Chicken Souvlakia and it was only 12 points. It was a really good alternative to the gyro I wanted which was 17 points because they use the same Greek seasoning on the meat. It was a good choice.

Megan being a cute little food model.

Today I racked up a total of 33 points which was my limit today. BTW we are using an older WW system so I’m actually suppose to have something like 44 points but I couldn’t eat that many points a day if I tried. Anywho, usually you get exercise points (here’s a way to calculate it oh and read her blog it is really good!) but I’m not hungry so why eat? See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 12 (Drummers Drumming)

  1. Keep it up! Weight Watchers is a great life change! I started P90X this week and I’m super sore. Keep up the hard work and we miss you guys here in Abilene.

  2. Awww, thanks so much for the comment and the ping. 🙂 Don’t you just love the Pita Pit! There isn’t one near me but there is an Extreme Pita which is basically the same thing, man, some of those pitas are sooooo good and only like 6 points, awesome! Subway is really good about putting their nutritional info online if you like subs. 🙂

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