Day 15 (It’s Friday!!!)

Hallo, my name is Nathan MacDonald. I’ve written a blog. Prepare to die.

This morning I went and played racquetball with my bud Adam at an outdoor court. Not having a roof was a little different, but sadly it was still nice than ACU’s courts in Gibson. (You ACU folks better enjoy that new rec center!)

Breakfast: Although I did remember my water bottle, I didn’t have enough time to get some breakfast. So I ate an 1 point orange and Emerald Trail mix which was 5 points. I was planning on pigging out (bacon, eggs, the whole shebang) but I knew lunch was right around the corner so I held of.

Lunch: For lunch I encountered one of those annoying situations when you see something at the store that looks good but is then just gross. These situations usually occur with canned soups. I bought Campbells Chunky Meat and Potatoes soup. Basically it was a bizarre brown gravy, preservative-caked potatoes and some protein that might have been beef. Usually I really like Campbells Chucky soups but that one was no bueno. Either way it was on 4 points for the whole can so live and learn I guess.

Snack: After sitting and waiting to get a tire fixed at Tire Kingdom for 2 hours (should have went to WalMart. They might be evil but at least they are cheap) I was ready for something substantial to eat so I made a sandwich. The Hillshire Farm (Go Meat!) turkey that we buy is 1 point for a third of the container which is a ton so I just put a little mustard and a pickle (both no points) and two slices of bread were 4 points so it hit the spot.

Dinner: We went out with Megan’s department to a local dive called Monk’s. They had all kinds of food from healthy cuisine to a 5 patty burger challenge. I went with the Vegan Garden Burger with sweet potato fries. They had a lot of healthier sides like celery and like chips and salsa, but I’ve always want to try sweet potato fries and they were awesome. The burger looked a little rubbery but went I took a bite the texture was just like ground beef. (By the way, those are regular fries so they gave me these ones for free but I was good and gave them away.) So I have no clue how bad it was but to ere on the side of caution I’m going to just assume it was more than I had left for the day (18 points) and not use the rest of my flex points this week (which won’t be too bad because we go Sunday-Sunday. So I just have to be good tomorrow!) I seriously doubt it was that bad but I’d rather be safe than fat. (That was suppose to be funny not mean.)

Sorry this post is really late, we were out with some friends in this really cool art district of Tally. I hope you will forgive me and will keep being awesome. See ya tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 15 (It’s Friday!!!)

  1. Ooooh, Monk’s is sooo good. My favorite is bacon, blue cheese and the chipotle bbq sauce. I didn’t go because I knew I couldn’t be that bad last night (I already had plans to be that bad tonight). Instead, I discovered that Moe’s is totally doable if you get the Jr. size burrito, especially if you skip the chips!

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