Day 18

Hiya! (That’s hello in the Mid West, is that right Jade?)

It has been a very cool day here with the temperature barely getting up to around 73. We haven’t turned on our A/C in a few days now so that must mean Fall is in full swing. It has been a topsy-turvy day as far as eating goes. (Which is exactly what you want to do when this is like day 1 of the 100 pound ordeal.) I didn’t get up until 10 because I was working on a paper so I didn’t eat any breakfast, I just had an early lunch.

Lunch: When we had chicken the other night, Megan cooked up an extra breast so we could have leftovers later in the week. So we split that and steamed some broccoli for a low-point-yet-super-filling lunch. Half of the breast was 5 points and two cups of broccoli was 0 points. Holla. For those of you who don’t think broccoli has any taste, a little sea salt and some pepper go a long way.

Here’s another thing we do for lunch that really makes a difference. We use smaller plates so it feels like we are eating more. All my life, our plates have been huge, making you feel the need to pack more food on the plate. The plate on top is the one we used for lunch and the bottom one is our regular plate. So even if you aren’t eating a ton, you can Jedi Mind Trick yourself in to thinking that you are. (On a related note, has anyone read The 9-inch Plate Diet by Alex Bogusky, formerly of my favorite ad agency CP+B? If you have, let me know what you thought.)

Dinner: This evening I went and saw The Social Network (which was so awesomely fantastic) so my bud Daniel and I went to Chick-Fil-A before the movie. (Not to sound too much like the Frugal Novice, but if you are a college student in Tally, on Monday and Thursday has college night at all three Tally CFA’s!) So I did my homework on their website where you can calculate your meal. I had the glorious 8 piece nuggets for 6 points, a medium fries for 9 points and 2 BBQ sauces for 2 points. Goodtimes.

Snack: I made a 5 point turkey sandwich. Nothing too exciting.

So on this wacky day I totaled at 27 points. I’ll probably scrounge around for some snack (Tuesday is grocery day so it’s slim pickens.) See ya… later today.


3 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. Hiya – that’s right!! lol. All you need now is a few ‘Doncha know’s and ‘Oh jeez’s and you’ll be a true Wisconsinite 😉

    You’re right, broccoli is amazing! I like my steamed broccoli with some salsa on top. But I pretty much put salsa on everything.

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