Day 19

Hey Good Lookin’ What Ya Got Cookin’?

So I forget to mention yesterday about something awesome on Monday! This summer I bought a Polo cardigan that was pretty snug but I still bought it because I knew eventually I would look good in it. So Monday, which was the chilliest day so far, I wanted to wear and it fit great! I was so stoked. Also, my button-up shirts usually had a lot of pulling at the bottom but most of them are starting to fit without any pull. At this point, that is just as good as pounds off! I mean I’m not at the point where I have to get a new wardrobe (yet) but even just having your clothes fitting right is such a great feeling.

Alright, let’s talk about food.

Breakfast: Since I was going to workout and I knew I wasn’t going to get to eat until around 1:30, I had a big breakfast to keep me full. Plus the other day after I was done working out and I hadn’t really eaten breakfast and I got the shakes which are no fun. Anywho, I made some scrambled eggs with a splash of fat free half and half. I know there are healthier options other than to add half and half, like water and bread crumbs, but frankly that pretty much what they did in the Depression and it was probably just as gross then as it is now so it’s worth the point. So 2 scrambled eggs came out to 5 points and a piece of toast for 2 points. The other day I talked about foregoing the toast to keep the points for later, but today I realized I might as well eat the points when I want instead of eating something late at night when I’m starving. For the record, I know my scrambled eggs look weird, it’s just easier to divide them if you make them like this. The still taste amazing.

Exercise: Today was one of those days where I felt like I could just run forever, but I was pressed for time so I just ran for 30 minutes. My first mile was about 13:30 which I was super stoked about, but after that I didn’t push as hard as I should have. I burned 450 calories and ran a total of 2 miles. It felt great to run again. I really need to find a 5k around here and sign up for it and start to train again. (Know of any?)

Lunch: I made a can of Campbells Classic Chicken Noodle and it was great. It totally redeemed Campbells for me after that Steak and Potatoes fiasco the other day. I think so far it’s my favorite chunky soup they make (my overall favorite is their tomato soup hands down.

After a while, I was in this weird place where I wasn’t sure if I was still hungry or full (listening to your organs fight is interesting) so I ate 2 points worth of almonds and I felt fine.

By the way, 1 point Fudgesicles were created by God.

Dinner: We ate our favorite Orange Chicken recipe from the WW cookbook. It was particularly good, maybe because I was super hungry, (have you bought your WW cookbook yet?) With the rice, the orange chicken was 9 points. I forgot to take a picture mid way through dinner. For dessert, I had a glass of  Chai Tea that I made from this Food Network recipe except instead of whole milk I used skim milk so its pretty much 1 point a serving.

After dinner: About 2 hours after dinner I had that weird hunger thing and then I realized I had only eaten 24 points plus I had worked out so I made a 5 point sandwich and 5 points of Orville Redenbacher 94% Fat Free Kettle Corn (5 points is for the whole bag!!!!!)

So after my evening snacking I came out to 34 points. So a point over is not too bad. I think I need to eat more at lunch which is hard because a noon class during the week. Before I leave one question? How do you like (or hate) the new BL10 layout? Let me know. See ya tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. I desperately want to do a 5K, too! I think I just want a t-shirt lol. I found a website with florida runs listed:

    Here’s one on November 6th: Tallahassee, FL. Christmas Connection 5K. 8:30am ET. Info: Robert Higgins 850-893-5166.

    I’m thinking you, Megan and I should run a race. We could probably get more people to sign up and maybe have a team! (Motivation = then we get even better shirts! lol)

  2. I like changing up shows like BL. I watched a season in Australia and they are so intense! They show it 5 nights a week!

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