Day 21


I love Thursdays, like a lot. They are like a Friday Eve and I guess since I like Christmas Eve almost more than Christmas it makes sense that I would like the eve of something more. Make sense?

In other news…

Breakfast: I did the same thing as yesterday because I was going to play racquetball this morning. If you don’t remember (if this is your first reading, welcome!) I had 3 point Publix Multi Grain Waffles, 5 points worth of TFM ground peanut butter (if you haven’t had ground or organic peanut butter go buy some. You’ll taste the difference!) To sweeten it up, I added a tsp. of honey for 1 point. (Yes this is the same picture as yesterday, but rest assured it looked exactly like this.)

Exercise: I played racquetball with my boy Alex before class. I lost… bad. But I got mine, I accidentally hit him in the face with a ball. He took it like a champ though.



Lunch: I had to stay on campus this afternoon so I hung out with some of my AFC peeps at the food court and ate one of my favorite chicken places Pollo Tropical.  As always, it was amazing. I had the 1/4 Chicken combo: the chicken was 8 points, the rice was 4.5 points, and the black beans were 1.5 points. It’s a little pricey (but it’s a campus food court, they’re all a scam anyways) but it’s always great to find a place that’s within your points.





Snack: In keep with what’s becoming a Thursday tradition, Megan and I went get some yogurt, but this week we went to Yogaberry (sorry Hiro’s, it was right next to Publix… plus they have blackberries and crushed up waffle cone.) As you can see from the pic, I made a parfait-like masterpiece. Top layer: Blackberries and raspberries (1 point) crushed up waffle cone (1.5 point) and a cup of Taro yogurt (4 points) I might have over calculated a tad but rather be safe than sorry right?





Dinner: Last week Megan asked if I had any requests for a new recipe to try this week. So I dug around in the WW cookbook and found turkey sausage and peppers. When I was watching the Rangers crushing the Rays (again) the smells from the kitchen wafting in made my mouth water. The smells delivered. Holy cow it was so good! This would be a great recipe if you wanted to have a point conscious Oktoberfest or something like that. To make it even better, it was 3 points per serving! Then we added some potatoes (the ones we got at the Farmer’s Market) which was only 1 point a serving. So dinner came out to 8 points and so decedent. Plus I had 2 points of milk.



So today (so far) I totaled out at 39.5 points. I went a little over but I don’t care for 2 reasons: 1) I got some killer exercise so I really have some exercise points and 2) I ate freakin’ well today. It was worth the 6.5 flex points. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 21

  1. We finally got a yogurt place near where I work and I really want to try it. Yours looks SO good! Going over your points on a high activity day is perfectly fine according to the weight watchers plan because you can use those points you earned in activity and of course, your body is craving more food because you’ve burned more calories.

    Love your blog!

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