Day 22 (Emmitt Smith Day)

(It’s Emmitt Smith Day because it was his number…22)

TGIF!!!!!! (Remember when that was the thing to watch on ABC? When they had Family Matters, Step by Step, and other awesome shows? Now ABC has Modern Family…. and that’s about it)

So this morning I went and played racquetball again with my friend Adam and the traffic was a nightmare. I’ve never lived somewhere where I was speeding going the speed limit (for supplemental reading in regards to my opinions on driving, please read this) Anywho, I had a blast playing but I’ve been tired ever since.

Breakfast: I was in a rush this morning so I just popped two waffles in the toaster and ate them on the way. No peanut butter, just deliciousness. So 3 points right there.(No picture, if you want to know what a waffle looks like, google it.)

Lunch: I didn’t get to eat lunch until around 2:30 so I was soooo hungry!!!!! I started to dig around in the fridge and I wasn’t finding anything big, just a lot of little things so I put those little things in to an omelet baby! (There was a crazy lady at The Bean that would yell OMELETS BABY! I love weird people.)  I used three cage free eggs, which are so much better than regular eggs, which was 6 points, a serving of turkey breast (1 point) and half of a serving, 1/8 cup of Sargento Reduced fat shredded cheese (1 point.) I was going to use the whole serving which was 2 points but I realized it wasn’t worth the point and the cheese was enough. I also just put a splash of skim milk in there too. And like my friend Jade always says to do, I slathered that sucker with salsa. Not to brag, but it was the best omelet I have ever made. Then I had a 1 point orange because oranges rock.

Dinner: So we were suppose to have turkey burgers tonight, but I forgot to take out the turkey this afternoon to defrost (fail.) When Megan realized my screw up she said “Alright, where are we going for dinner?” Immediately, we hopped on to our respected laptops and started to search for places we could go eat. She then brought up Qdoba, one of my favorite burrito joints. I was really giddy about the idea, but I thought we were going to over do it points wise, but you can build a burrito and find the nutritional facts. So we split the shredded beef queso burrito and we each had a small order of chips. Chips and half of a burrito came out to 13 points. I was a ton of food for the points. I typed in what I use to get, just to see, and it was around 24 points! It was kind of depressing because we use to go to burrito places a lot so it explains where all these extra lb’s came from. Oh, and sorry about the ghetto picture, it’s off of Megan’s phone. My phone was dead.

So today I tried to make up for yesterday by drinking a lot more water and also by trying to keep the points down. I’m only at 25 points today so far so not too shabby. Hopefully the proof will be on the scale on Sunday. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 22 (Emmitt Smith Day)

  1. Sounds like a good day! I have been having issues at the end of the day, right about the time my bf gets home from work, with sudden snacking attacks. Hopefully tonight I won’t have that problem, as right now I am at exactly 26 points, and that is my limit.

    I went into flex quite a bit yesterday (12 points) so hoping for a few days of not using flex at all to make me feel better about it. One of the goals I set myself this month is to not use all my flex each week. I failed miserably last week, so we’ll see how this week goes. (My week starts on Thursday.)

    Really hoping to see a loss on the scale come next Thursday!

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