Day 23

Good Saturday to ya!

Breakfast: This morning we went to the little town of Havana to check out the antique stores and to explore a little more of Florida. Before we headed out, we decided to grab some coffee at Starbucks. We wanted to get a pastry, but I had read that they were pretty high in points, so I pulled out my iPod and checked out their nutritional info on the  Starbucks App (since they finally have free WiFi.) We looked at the Reduced Fat Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake and it was still 7 points, so we cut it in half so it was only 3.5 points and it really hit the spot. A while back someone suggested to get Iced Coffee at Starbucks go I gave it a try with low fat milk. It was only 2 points and it wasn’t too bad, but it was super strong which took me by surprise (that or I am just a wimp.) I still want to try their Iced Chai Tea but I forgot to order it (that happens a lot around here.)


Lunch: After our antiquing excursion, I fired up our range and made those legit turkey burgers. I think this burger recipe is the one of the best hybrid recipes in the WW book (hybrid meaning that you you could serve it to both dieters and non-dieters and everyone would be happy.) The oven baked fries are also something that you just feel like you are cheating when you are eating which is just fantastic. The fries were 3 points and the burger was 6 points. Oh, and the mustard is suppose to look like a smiley face, but the mustard wasn’t cooperating.



Dinner: This evening we were invited to dinner with some friends from church. They were really accommodating to the whole diet thing which was relieved because there are a lot of times where you go to someones house and they know you are on a diet and they still serve fried gravy. Luckily, she made baked chicken with grilled veggies and a fruit medley. It was so good! We weren’t really sure about the points, so when we got home, my awesome wife did some investigating and this is what we came to: Chicken-8 points Veggies- 3 points Fruit- 1 point and Corn Muffin- 3 points (we brought the muffins which we made from the WW cookbook. They are 2 a piece but I had half of one earlier.) 




Temptation!!! So this was the first chocolate cake since I’ve started WW. I’m sure you remember me talking about my issues with the sweets so this was a doozie. This is the piece I cut and then I stood there for a sec and thought to myself “are you going to regret this tomorrow when you weigh?” I usually I think that then I’m like “Screw it, I’ll worry about it tomorrow” so this was a big deal because I’ve been all about instant gratification and that’s what got me in to this mess. So after I took this pic, I cut down the piece a bit and I was glad I did.





So today, I approximately totaled at 35.5 points so I only went 2.5 in to my flex points. Overall in the week I used 16 flex points which is the most flex points I have used so far. I try not to use them just because I feel like I have enough points as it is. I’m hoping it doesn’t affect my weigh in tomorrow but we will see. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. As for someone who has been doing Weight Watchers for almost 2years and have lost over 100lbs so far on the program, I have some advice. 🙂

    Don’t refer to WW as a diet. It isn’t one because this is something you can do for the rest of your life. This isn’t something you’re just going to quit after you hit your goal weight.

    Also, don’t ever deprive yourself of something you want. That’s the best thing about WW, you can eat anything. 🙂

    Oh, and try to add more filling foods to your diet. You’ll be amazed how full you’ll feel.

    One last thing, those turkey burgers look amazing! Turkey anything I’m a fan of.

  2. Hey thanks for the tips. Let me clarify a few things though:

    1) I know that WW is not a diet, I just use the term out of convenience. Something where you are trying to lose 100 lbs can’t just be a diet, this is definitely a lifestyle change.

    2) I know what you are saying about depriving yourself, but I knew that I would regret that whole piece of cake. Also, for me, I don’t feel comfortable eating something like a dessert where I have no clue what the calories are, to me it’s just not worth it. I’m actually going to address this in today’s post.

    3) Do you have any filling foods suggestion? I do need help with that lol.

    4) Turkey is freakin’ awesome. Buffalo is another good beef alternative.

    Thank you very much for the suggestions! I’m still a babe in regards to this so any suggestions are very welcomed.

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