Day 25? Holy Smokes.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving eh!?!

Today was a super stressful day because I had this group presentation that I was really worried about. During class I kept thinking about ways to avoid presenting (I don’t have issues with public speaking at all, it was just one of those things where you feel really ill prepared but in reality you’re prepared) like vomiting in my backpack or wishing for the second coming. Since neither of those things happened today, we did the presentation and we rocked it so I’m feeling pretty good.

Let’s talk about food shall we?

Breakfast: I got up early with Megan and I made us breakfast (frying bacon while half asleep could have been rather hazardous but luckily it wasn’t.) I made some bacon (3 slices for 2 points? Deliciously Legit!!!!) and eggs (4 points.)

Mid morning snack: I had a little bag of trail mix which was 5 points.

Lunch: I was a little crunched for time so I warmed up a Smart One. You were only suppose to warm it up 5 1/5 minutes, but with our ghetto microwave it ended up taking 13 minutes. (If you want to get me something for Christmas, get me a microwave.) Anyways, after it was down it turned out very well. I added a points worth of Parmesan cheese which was a nice touch. For a Smart One it was pretty good and for 6 points total it was filling.

Dinner: This week we are trying some new recipes from the WW book and this one is a keeper! Megan made the Pasta Primavera with Provolone  from page 292 I think and holy cow it was so good! My wife is a cooking stud. This picture is of 2 servings which was a total of 10 points. I could go on about it but I need to wrap this sucker up.

After dinner: I’ve had a 1 point orange and a 1 point Fudgesicle so far.

Today so far I’ve totaled 29 points so not too bad for another whacky day. See ya tomorrow.


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