Day 26

Good Morning! And if I don’t see you Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good night.

(Name that movie)

Breakfast: When we went to the grocery store on Sunday, they didn’t have our new favorite cereal Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal so we gave this Kashi cereal a shot. It doesn’t really have a name so from here on in I shall dub thee “Fiberzilla” because for a cup of cereal without milk it was 2 points it was 140 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 10 grams of fiber (you’re not dyslexic, I wrote 10 grams.) With a 1/2 cup of skim milk it was 1 point. One thing that I thought was cool is that on the top it has a “Calorie-Watchers Serving” which has all the info a WW needs. So here’s my review of the cereal: it’s definitely a fiber cereal, but it’s not too bad. If your cereal has to be sweet, it’s probably not the cereal for you; however, if you’re a fan of grape nuts, I think you would like it. I’ve never been a fan of bran cereals (except for Raisin Bran which has a ton of sugar) but I think it’s pretty good and I would probably buy it again. At least give it a chance (or come over for breakfast and have a bowl.)

Lunch: I went home for lunch and Megan had already started my can of soup so I made a sandwich to go with it. My 5 point turkey, mustard and pickle sandwich was as good as always (I really use to miss the cheese, but I’ve gotten over that) but I was disappointed with the soup. This week we decided to try out some of the Progresso WW soups, Megan has had them before but this was my first time and at 2 points a can why not? I had the chicken and dumpling and the, for lack of a better term, contents were really good; but the broth was so salty!!! Like I took a bite and then I got a glass of water salty. It ruined the soup. Then I found out that it had 60% of your daily sodium. I thought this was suppose to be the healthy option? I’ve heard before that is the issue with some diet foods that the sodium content is abnormally high for what it is so that is something I need to watch out for from now on.

Exercise: I was going to go work out this afternoon then my bud Justin texted me and asked if I wanted to go work together so I did that. I think that last time I worked out with someone was High School so it was a nice change of pace. My issue when I work out is that I don’t give myself proper rest between reps so alternating on the machine really helped. Anyways, we warmed up with a jog in the indoor track, worked out arms, and then got on an exercise bike which I’ve never done well on but it went really well today, maybe because we were talking while our legs were doing the work. I guess what I got out of today was working out with people is a lot better. After I worked out I had a bag of trail mix for 5 points.

Dinner: Megan was still busy up at school so I made Spuds and Chili. As always, it was fantastic (and points wise it is even fantastic-er.) For 2 cups of chili it is only 5 points! Legit. I added a 1/4 cup of Sargento reduced fat cheese for 2 points and the potato was also 2 points. It’s definitely the most filling 9 point dinner ever. Soooooo good.

So far today I have totaled only 24 points so I have a lot left (not to mention exercise points) so I’ll probably make something a little later. See ya tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. I’ve tried that Kashi cereal, and it tastes too much like wood for me, even with fresh summer berries. I would have thought that fresh blueberries could save anything, but no. I like the GoLean Crunch! cereals. They’re higher in points but a lot less woody, and still with plenty of fiber and protein.

    Also, if you’re missing cheese and would be willing to make it a 6 point turkey sandwich, Sargento has a reduced fat provolone for 1 point a slice!

  2. I didn’t like the progresso soups either. I find that I can make WAY better soup myself, and I just freeze containers so when I want soup I just pop it in the microwave. One of my favorite ways to eat chili is on a baked potato, it reminds me of my favorite meal at Wendy’s except way better at home!

    Awesome food choices! But, I didn’t like that last part because I am a Yankee girl!

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