Day 32. Yahoo.

“I Hate Mondays”



I actually don’t hate Mondays, I just love Garfield and other animated orange cats. Today was a great day. For once I didn’t have any assignments due for my Monday evening class so I just caught up on a lot of reading and spent time with Megan.

Breakfast: I woke up pretty hungry so I made (when I say made I mean I took them out of the freezer and put them in the toaster) some waffles (3 points) with some peanut butter (5 points) and a little honey (1 point.) I know that it is high points, but it really keeps you full and it’s really good before or after a good workout.






Lunch: Still full from breakfast, I just warmed up a Chicken Alfredo Smart One for lunch. It was only 6 points so not too bad but the chicken is a little weird. Does anyone else who has had Smart Ones know what I am talking about? Just curious.







Snack: We decided to go study at Starbucks for a while before our afternoon classes. Today, I finally remembered to get their Iced Chai Tea Latte. It blew my mind. It was almost spicy it was so flavorful. The Grande (when we were in there this girl said Grandeee like it was her first time at a Starbucks and everyone looked at her like she was a moron. I think it’s interesting how those sizes have become part of our vernacular.) non-fat version was only 4 points so not bad. Still better than my 14 point Venti Iced White Mocha that I use to always get.





Dinner: When I was done with class, Megan had made the legit tacos from the WW cookbook. You usually make this red onion and cilantro salsa along with sour cream but we didn’t have either. Instead we put a little cheese and Wal-Mart salsa on them. (If you haven’t had Wal-Mart salsa, definitely go get some. It’s cheap, like a $1.89 a jar, and it tastes just like Pace.) They are 4 points a taco so it came out to 12 points.






I know today’s post isn’t that long put it’s to make up for the enormous length of last night’s post. I just want to thank everyone again for all of the encouragement a lot of you sent my way today. It truly means a ton. I have the best readers around. Anyways, right now I’m at 31 points for the day. I’m feeling pretty good and full which I think is the fun part of WW: seeing how full you can get for being under your points. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 32. Yahoo.

  1. I gave up eating frozen prepared meals when I started my blog actually. I realized, I could make, or eat way better leftovers for the same points. It makes for boring days sometimes but it tastes a lot better! And, now I really want Starbucks!

    Good job with your eats. Those tacos look awesome!

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