Day 35!

Fogyás sziklák!

So my Rangers didn’t clinch their trip to the World Series last night, but this way they’ll clinch it in Arlington instead in front of those lame Yankee fans.

Anywho, so this morning I was going to wear this old gray cardigan that I haven’t worn since last winter, but it was too big! Like really too big! And then I tried on this other shirt and it was really loose too! (So this is what happens when you lose weight!) Granted, they were XXXL (I generally wear XXL but some things I had to buy certain things a little bigger) but getting out of the XXXL ranks is a win within itself. I’m pretty stoked. Also, my pants are getting looser, but it will still be a little while before I go down a pant size. So not too bad of a morning.

Breakfast: This morning we went to Starbucks before class. I ordered my new found favorite Iced Nonfat Chai Tea Latte (4 points.) When I went up there to get it, I noticed a ridiculous amount of caramel in it so I asked the guy about it and he said “You wanted a Caramel Macchiato right?” So he made my real drink and gave me the other one (score.) The Macchiato was also 4 points but I drank a quarter of it so pretty much 1 point. Then I went home and had waffles which were 3 points.

Lunch: I just warmed up the Campbells Chicken and Sausage gumbo which, if you haven’t tried, is awesome. The can of it is 5 points. I also had a 1 point orange. (I don’t know why I keep changing the color to orange. Maybe because it looks Halloweenish.)

Dinner: We went on our Chick-Fil-A college night date and after this week, a little greasy comfort food sounded so good! We usually split fries but we were both so hungry so we got our own fries. Big mistake. Medium fries were 9 points. Ouch. The nuggets were 6 points and the sauces were 2 points. It was a high point dinner and frankly my 3 points of chili last night more filling which is depressing.

Snack: Megan and I made some 94% ff kettle popcorn while watching The Office. I ate about 3 points worth.

So today I came out to 34 points so 1 point in to the flex points isn’t too bad. See ya tomorrow.

OH YEAH: I almost forgot! I need an costume idea for a Halloween costume for a Halloween party on Saturday. Any suggestions? The best idea will get a shout out in Sunday’s post. GO!


3 thoughts on “Day 35!

  1. The Dude, Lady Gaga, Twighlight Vampire, Harry Potter, Elvis Andrus, a pimp, MC Hammer, Maverick Ice or Goose in Top Gun, or DJ Pauly D (Tshirt time).

  2. I am a pirate wench and my bf will be a rabbi. He’s already got the long curly hair and a full beard so didn’t even need that part of the costume.

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