Day 37 Part 2: Party and Such

Celebrate Good Times Come On!!!!

We had an awesome party with our AFC peeps tonight! We watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and then attempted to have a dance party but that was an epic fail but we had a blast anyways! Megan went as a witch and I went as the before Richard Simmons (my other arm said Sweatin’ To The Oldies.) Here are some pics:

Breakfast: 21 almonds is 3 points. So amazing and filling. How can you get it any better you ask? A 1 point honey crisp apple. Eating them at the same time? Holy smokes. What a legit breakfast.

Lunch: I went with my friends Leah and Daniel to the Greek Festival. The smell of fried deliciousness and grilling meat filled the air so I was starving as soon as we got out of the car. I had a gyro and it was so good. It was the best tzaziki sauce was the best I’ve ever had. You could actually taste the cucumbers! It wasn’t that big of a gyro but it was still about 13 points. Since it was a Greek festival, where there is food, there were PASTRIES!!! They had tables and tables of lust in delectable treats form. This was a sample of some of the things that they had. I didn’t have anything because I knew that there was no way to know how many calories there were, plus I had to at least try one cupcake that Megan slaved over.

Snack: When I was watching college football (since I wasn’t cleaning for the party) I had some chips and salsa which was like 4.5 points. I wish it was socially acceptable to eat salsa with a spoon. (My Grandpa did that with the salsa at Abuelo’s but no one cared because he was old. I guess I have that to look forward to when I’m old.)

Dinner: We decided to grab something from somewhere since our cupboard is pretty bare. I had seen this grilled chicken joint called California Grilled Chicken. We both had the skinless boneless chicken with yellow rice and black beans. (Does any know if yellow rice is better for you?) Going off of Pollo Tropical it was like 11 points (I get the same thing there and that’s how much it is there.)

Party: As you can see from the party pics above, we made a ton of cupcakes… for other people. I would be lying if having a brazillion cupcakes all around the house, but I was a trooper and ate only 1 cupcake which we figured out were 5 points [insert cringing face here] Then I had 7 points worth of Cape Cod Salt and Pepper chips. They are so good. It was a big temptation but I survived another day.

Today I totaled out at 44.5 which super sucks because I really didn’t feel like I had eaten anything substantial. Such an awful feeling. This week I went 15.5 points in to my flex points which is still less than half, but most of them were out of today so that cant be good. Tomorrow morning is weigh in (oh boy.) This has been such an off week that I’m not expecting good numbers. This is going to suck, but I think it might be the wake up call I need so we will see how it goes. See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 37 Part 2: Party and Such

  1. I say bravo for only eating ONE cupcake, and dealing with all of the treats around you so well! That my friend is 1/2 the battle! πŸ™‚ WHoohooo!

  2. LOVE your Halloween Costume! AWESOME! Honeycrisp apples are one of the best foods on the planet. Also, if you can find the butter toffee almonds, they have the same nutrition facts as regular almonds, they are AMAMZING with honey crisp apples.

    And, you have awesome willpower because I would of ate all those cupcakes. They are my total weakness!

    Congrats on your weightloss too! I’m behind. πŸ™‚

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