Day 42

So the Rangers lost. Awe well, it was just game 1. Moving on…

Last night on Facebook, I mentioned that I had this awesome realization. Before I get in to it, I just want to preface it by warning you I might have overhyped it a little but so sorry if I got your hopes up to high. So a few years ago, I really wanted to get Wii Fit. I figured if I got it, it would kick start my weight loss (I have tried a ton of times, but it has never worked as well as this time FTW!) Anywho, I had a friend who brought his Wii Fit board over and we were going to play on it. I went to get when no one was watching and the program was like “Wow! You weigh too much! You can’t use the board!” (The board has a 330 lb capacity) I got off as quick as possible before anyone could see the demoralizing message and the embarrassment on my face. Well, with this past weeks weigh in, I CAN ACTUALLY BUY Wii FIT AND PLAY IT!!! I’m really stoked about it and it is officially back on my Christmas wishlist! Like I said, it’s not much, but it’s all about celebrating the little victories along the way.

Breakfast: I was going to make a wafflewich, but when I cut in to my banana, it was all black and gross so I threw it away (sad days.) Instead, I just had waffles (3 points) and peanut butter (5 points.) Sorry that the one was bitten in to. I was hungry.








Lunch: I got the pot stickers again. All I have to say is pure 5 points of deliciousness. For dessert, I had a honeycrisp apple (2 points) and a fudgesicle (1 point.) Such an awesome dessert combo.








Dinner: So what teacher would have a test on the night of the FSU game/World Series/Big Bang Theory/The Office? I guess a teacher who doesn’t like fun/awesome things. Anyways, I had a test tonight from 5-8 so I didn’t get to eat for a while. Megan some spaghetti (just sauce and noodles. We usually put squash, cucumbers and other awesome veggies in there but not tonight.) I had 15 points worth of spaghetti which is a lot of points, but not a lot of spaghetti. Regardless, it was good.





Right now, I’m at 31 points, but there is a lot of TV to watch tonight so I will be dipping in to some weekly points. That’s what they are there for right? See ya tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Day 42

  1. I’m so sorry the Rangers lost! That totally sucks! That’s awesome that you can use the wii fit now! After watching Emmie play Just Dance 2 I totally want a Wii. Hopefully, once I get done with physical therapy I’ll be allowed back into my favorite dance cardio classes. I never thought I’d say I MISS exercising, but I do! Thanks for your prayers for the hubby. I really appreciate it. He’s still cancer free, one year officially!

  2. I have the Wii and I luv it! Lots of great game to help with weight loss too! πŸ™‚ Glad you can use it finally! πŸ™‚ That is a great NSV! whoohoo

    ok so I like the PB/Banana wafflewich. BUT I also like the egg, soy sausage, drizzle of syrup version. Reminds me of those McDonalds sandwiches. lol

    I have a pasta tip for you- FIBER GOURMET. Google it. I call it binge free pasta. I can not eat more than 4 ounces (4WW points) YES ITS LOADED W/FIBER! πŸ™‚ whoohoo!

  3. Whoever created the first wafflewich is a genius. It looks freaking amazing!

    Regarding the Rangers: After 2 straight Rangers’ World Series losses, I’m still pumped that they’re playing. Keep your heads up Rangers’ fans, it’s not over yet.

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