Day 43 (My Favorite Number!)

Честит Хелоуин

(That’s Happy Halloween in Bulgarian. They didn’t have Transylvania and Happy Halloween in Romanian is the same in English so this works.)

Fall is finally back in Florida! It has been miserable all week so a beautiful crisp morning was perfect.

Breakfast: This morning, I put on pair of khaki shorts that I just washed and they are already loose! I need to buy some new pants soon! Who knew losing weight would be so expensive lol. Anyways, I made some bacon (2 points) and eggs (4 points) before Megan had to go to class. Burnt bacon is the best thing ever. (You know it’s true.)







Lunch: I had to run some errands and since I didn’t want to eat leftover spaghetti (not because it was leftovers, I just don’t think it’s worth the points.) I stopped by Publix and tried a new Amy’s that I haven’t had.. well kinda. I bought Amy’s Enchilada Verde, which is the enchilada version of my favorite Amy’s dish: Tamale Verde (the Verde sauce is just that good!) It was awesome! The enchilada isn’t as big as the tamale but it comes with black beans and since beans is rice is my favorite thing about Mexican food I was stoked. (Plus with the black beans, it has 8 grams of fiber. Hooray for regularity!) The meal was 8 points. Definitely better than 10 points of delicious, but disappointing spaghetti.





Dinner: Did I mention we are going to Disney World this weekend!?! So stoked! We needed to get out of town for a while so since we have season passes we decided to head down south. So we were just going to eat sandwiches this evening, but we were both starving on the road so we decided to stop at Sonny’s in Lake City… with out being able to look up the points (all the more reason I really need an iPhone!!!!) We both knew that it was going to be bad news bears so we just went with the pulled pork sandwiches… that had 2 garlic toasts for bread. (yikes) I had a baked sweet potato for the side. We finally got to the hotel and I looked up the calories (I was impressed that Sonny’s even had it available unlike that shady Cracker Barrel.) The sandwich was 19 freakin’ points and the sweet potato was only 5 points. I learned my lesson to do my homework before for most situations. A necessary evil for weight loss.




I saw this in this shady truck stop that we stopped at. Hooray for backwoods Florida.








Right now I’m at 38 points, 5 points over. Live and learn.

Tomorrow will be interesting because every time I’ve been to Disney, we have had the dining plan which is 2 meals and 1 snacks in the park. (Oh so many calories.) This time we brought stuff for sandwiches, vegetables, water bottles, kashi bars, and almonds. Should be a lot less points and a lot less money. Plus I brought a pedometer to see how far we walk. I’m really curious to see how many miles you walk in a day a the most amazing place on earth. See ya tomorrow.



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