Day 46 Special Monday Weigh In Edition

November? Seriously? Holy Schnikes.

So today is a rare Monday weigh in (I say rare, but it’s going to happen again in a few weeks.) But here we go… I lost 2.6 pounds this week! I’m bittersweetly stoked about it because I’m .6 away from the 30 pound mark. I was there when I weighed in on Thursday but then I gained .4 pound back at Disney World. Awe well, I’m going to lose more and then some this week (that’s the plan at least!!!!) So I am at 327.6 which is still really awesome since a month and a half ago I was approaching 360. As of now, I’m 86.8 pounds away from my 100 pound goal. I’m getting there slowly but surely!


Lunch: Like most Mondays, I accidentally slept in (I love having an afternoon class) and I met up with Megan at Subway for some lunch. I haven’t been to subway since we moved here (so since July. Before the weight loss we didn’t have a reason to go to Subway because they have Jimmy John’s here which is better subs but worse for you.) Anyways, I had the 6″ black forrest ham with lite mayo, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and vinegar. This is Megan’s favorite sub and she put me on to it last year. It’s now my favorite non-meatball sub at Subway :). They also have a really nice sandwich builder on their website (if you can find it) and the sub was 8 points so not too bad for a light lunch.




Snack: We kept with our Monday afternoon tradition and went to Starbucks to study/write a blog/act like we’re cool because we are college students at a Starbucks/get closer to becoming mayor of the Tennessee St. Starbucks/listen to the most painful job interview a table over. I’m been doing research for a research paper for my Hispanic Marketing class about Hispanic usage of social media (if you are Hispanic and have a blog/facebook/twitter/myspace account (just kidding about the last one) let’s talk.) Anyways, I had the usual Iced Chai Tea latte (the girl who works there knew what I was going to get which sometimes is good but it was definitely bad that back in the day this lady at Taco Bueno knew my name and what I got) but this time I got a venti because I needed the caffeine, but I didn’t need the sugar. Tough trade off. The venti was 6 points which is only 2 points more than the grande. Hi Ho. (Sorry for all of the parentheses and slashes in this paragraph. I have no clue what came over me.)


Dinner: The thing I hate about Mondays is that we don’t get home sometimes until after 7 like today after my class we did our grocery shopping for the week. Luckily we went to Publix which takes an eighth of the time compared to Wal-Mart. Regardless, we got home around 7:30 and I started to make the super awesome turkey burgers. The fries take about an hour so when I was prepping them I had a Publix Honey Almond yogurt which wasn’t bad but it was 2 points. So the burgers (6 points) turned out really well which made me happy because the last time I made them they kept falling apart. The fries were okay, except you are suppose to coat them in olive oil and I didn’t so they ended up being tasty shards of glass. Without the oil they were only 2 points.



So right now, I’m at 24 points so I think I’m going to eat some fruit and other healthy things to try to offset this weekend. I really need to go hit up the gym. I keep talking about and it needs to happen. What’s your favorite thing to do at the gym? See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 46 Special Monday Weigh In Edition

  1. You went to Disney Land and still managed to lose weight. I think that’s awesomeness in itself!!! I think you made great food choices considering your circumstances. Sometimes, I just decide to eat something bad. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. You’re not ever going to eat another bad thing in your life. So, you learn to do it in moderation and if you plan well like you did and have activity then you can still keep losing. Sometimes, life gets in the way, you don’t give up you just get back on the wagon and keep going.

    I think you did awesome. Subway is one of our go to Healthy fast food places.

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