Day 47: Hooray for Goals!

Well… the Rangers lost. It was an amazing season and I was proud to be at this years Opening Day. Even then you could tell that something was going to be special about this season. Well, all I can say is: we beat the Yankees, and that is what matters. There’s 149 more days until the start of next season, and it will be exciting to see what will happen then.

Anyways [wiping away the tears] let’s talk about food shall we?

Breakfast: This morning, I tried my hand at scrambled eggs (which I haven’t done since Day 1) and they turned out pretty well. I added 1/2 a cup of skim milk to them instead of using fat free half and half which I think was better because that way you can use more milk to get them fluffier. I also didn’t use a square pan which always made them funky looking so I think that helped as well. The bacon was awesome as always, a little burnt but that’s how we like it. 4.5 points and the 3 slices of bacon was only 2 points.





Lunch: After falling in love with the Smart Ones Chicken Enchilada Suiza, I decided to give the Lean Cuisine version a shot and it didn’t disappoint. Although the portion size was smaller, the queso actually tasted like a real cheese sauce! Like I said, the portion size was smaller (it was only 4 points) so I added some salsa and 3 points of chips. For dessert I had a 1 point orange.




Exercise: I went over to Leach this afternoon to start on my November Go The Distance Challenge (more on that in a bit.) I haven’t been on the treadmill in a while but it felt great to get back on there and run like the dickens (well… kinda.) I went 4.27 miles in 65 minutes and burned 863 calories, a high calorie burn is like the best thing about being overweight. From that, I racked in around 17 points which is pretty redonkulous.

Snack: Immediately after I was done I ate the Kashi cereal bar that I had packed in my bag which was a life saver because I was on empty. Since a 2 point cereal bar can only get you so far, Megan and I hit up Hiro’s frozen yogurt. The girl who always asks about the blog was working and we talked a little bit which is always nice to meet your fans (just kidding.) My workout shorts didn’t have pockets so I didn’t bring in my phone, but believe when I say it was the most beautiful cup of FroYo ever. I almost caved and topped it with some oreo’s (my blood sugar must have been low) but I went for the broken up sugar cone and strawberries instead. It was 6 points of happiness.


Dinner: While Megan took a well deserved nap, I made Uncle Jim’s vegetarian chili. It was particularly good, maybe it was because of the Fall weather or something like that, I don’t know. Anyways, 2 cups of chili is 5 points and we added 2 points of cheese. We both had the points so we said “why not?” It really hit the spot and I’m pretty full. 

Goal Time!

So I’ve been wanting to set some goals for myself for this month because although I had a really good October, I kept feeling like I was starting to get in a bit of a rut, which I’m sure is common for people who are making a lifestyle change. I think it’s because I have these “ultimate” goals that are going to take time so if you don’t have little things to celebrate along the way, it’s easy to lose sight and veer off in to a ditch of gravy (what am I talking about???) So here are a few I have thought about and I plan on trying to accomplish on this eleventh month of two thousand ten (I have no clue why I just wrote that out.) So here. We. Go…

50 miles for NovGTD: Like I was mentioning earlier, Fat Girl vs. The World has on her site something called Going the Distance (GTD) where you commit to going a certain distance (50 miles) on a certain medium (in my case, treadmill/ground.) You report every week how many miles you’ve gone and if you achieve your goal, you reward yourself with a non-food reward (a much needed new pair of jeans.) So today I went 4.27 miles so I have 45.73 miles to go. 
Beat my 5k time: we are doing the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day and I want to beat my last time of 39:32. I have to really hit it hard the next few weeks to make this one.
Workout 4 times a week
Get up early enough to workout 4 times a week
Beat Matt in Racquetball at least 3 times: Matt: it’s on.
Finish HP and the Goblet of Fire: I’m about half way through, but I stopped because I was getting sick of Harry in this book. Maybe it’s because Prisoner of Azkaban was just so good and Goblet of Fire… well… isn’t.
Successfully do No Shave November (I look like a naked mole rat right now) Brian Wilson Beard of Death here I come.
Finish my HM research paper by Dec 1: It’s due on the 3rd so if it’s not done, it better be close by then!
Read my bible more during the week
Not gain any weight the week of Thanksgiving: This might be the hardest one on this list. I freakin’ love Thanksgiving and so does my gluttonous side. The temptation to gorge is going to be beastly, but I’m going to do my best to do it.
Break the 320 mark: With all this running and racquetballing, I think I can do it.
Overall, I think I’ll be able to get through this list but it won’t be easy. I’ll still be happy if I get like 90% of it done so we will see.
So right now, I’m at 29.5 points but I still have those exercise point so I’ll eat something a little later, just not too late. See ya tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Day 47: Hooray for Goals!

  1. Hey Nathan! Speaking of Thanksgiving, I met with my nutritionist yesterday, and she had some good advice about it. She said to just eat one bite of all the starchy, fattening stuff, and to try to make some vegetables to have larger portions of with slices of the lean turkey. It sounded like a good plan that I could work with, although of course there’s always the problem of leftovers…

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