Day 49

Mr. Fujita: “So… Sumo Wrestler?”
Doug Heffernan: “Nope, just fat.”
Gotta Love King of Queens

Thursdays are usually my favorite days of the week, but the combination of the cloudy weather and a ridiculous class assignment that took an hour longer than it should have, it’s been kind of a bonkers day. Thank God for Friday right? It hasn’t been all bad though. It is approaching cold (like the lows in the 30’s) and we got an awesome desk off of Craigslist this afternoon! It was a beast to get it in the house, but it looks great in our extra room. Speaking of weather, it didn’t cool off until this afternoon so it was humid and in the 60’s this morning and there was a guy on the bus with shorts and a leather bomber jacket. Seriously? I’m not usually one to make fashion critiques (I leave that to my friend Leah and her awesome site)  but my bus just has such a hodgepodge of poorly dressed weirdos.

Breakfast: This muggy morning, I was in a rush so I made a wafflewich. I’m glad I ate something hearty like that because I didn’t have lunch until around 2:30, but more about that in a bit. It was 8 points and delish.(Sorry, not enough time for a pic.)

Lunch: So I have a noon class and we had an assignment that was due by 8:00 tonight so a couple of us just stuck around to finish it. Easy said than done. It should have taken like 20 minutes and it ended up taking an hour (#Fail.) Anyways, like I said earlier, I didn’t get to have lunch until around 2:30. I had a bowl of Campbells Chicken Noodle, which was 5 points, had a honeycrisp apple (2 points,) and 2 servings of almonds (2 points.) Apples and almonds is such an awesome combo. (Sorry, no pic again.)

Dinner: Like I said earlier, we found a desk on Craigslist. Luckily, our friend Lynn had a SUV so we could pick up and our other friend (we don’t just have 2 friends for the record) Justin helped us move it in to the house. For their help, we bought them dinner at College Night at Chick-Fil-A. As always, I had the 8 piece nugget (6 points,) medium fry (9 points,) and two BBQ packets (2 points.) I really think the medium fries are the worst deal because the large fry is 10 points so why not get a lot more fries for 1 more point.












After Dinner Snacking: Since dinner, I had an awesome organic orange (1 point) these dry Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal biscuits (3 points) and during Big Bang Theory (such an awesome show) I made some popcorn (4 points.) I’m eating like I actually worked out today but sadly I haven’t. I wanted to go run but I ran out of time. Lame.
Somehow, I’m at 40 points. What the crap!?! The last time I ate 40 points I went to a wing place and Outback!!! What’s the deal!!!! They haven’t been that bad of things but awe well. Just kind of describers the off day it has been.


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