Day 5-0

Day 50. Wow. So stoked.

It feels like Friday sucked up all the good for the week which explains why this week pretty much sucked but today was so awesome. I woke up this morning to a beautiful November morning so Megan and I put on our robes and drank coffee on the porch. Definitely a great way to start off the day.


Lunch: Before my group meeting, I made a ham sandwich (5 points) and Campbells Chicken Noodle soup (5 points) because I knew things were going to get bonkers this afternoon. Nothing too exciting.






Exercise: So after my group meeting, I went to Leach to getting some running in for NovGTD. I usually do around 4 miles or so, but today I wanted to hoof it. I got to 4 miles and when I was done with the cool down, I was at 4.62 miles, so I turned the treadmill back on and ran the extra .38 miles to get up to 5 miles. I was really stoked because now I know I can push myself like that. So I burned 980 calories and 18 exercise points.









Dinner: We went to eat dinner with some people from Megan’s department at Super Perros (yes, that means Super Dogs,) the Colombian restaurant in Tallahassee. We had to sit outside and it was cold and windy… and I was wearing shorts. The food made up for it ten fold. Megan and I split Godzilla (no really, that’s what it is called!) It’s a massive fried tortilla stuff with chicken, peppers, and other delicious ingredients. It also came with salad and rice, plantains, and tostones which are fried banana chips. It was more than enough food for the both of us so I’m really glad we split.

So today, I’m not really sure how things added up so I’m going to do my standard thing and count it as my day and my remaining weekly points. Overkill? Most likely, but awe well. I’ll be good tomorrow… or pending on your timezone: today. See ya tomorrow (or today.)


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