Day 51: Weekend Edition

After the week from the Hot Place (and I don’t mean Mexico) we decided to be good ol’ homebodies and took it easy today. We slept in and woke up to another gorgeous fall day in Tallahassee. It’s a shame that it’s going to get back up in to the 80’s next week but after living in Abilene, where the weather changed drastically on a regular basis, for 5 years, I’m pretty use to it.

Breakfast Part I: When I first woke up, I had a cup of coffee and a waffle with a little peanut butter (4 points.)


Brunch/Breakfast Part II???: Last night we ate Godzilla, this morning, we tag-teamed Omeletsauras. Lately I’ve been honing my breakfast making skills and after today, I have achieved (or given myself) Breakfast Gangsta status with this bad boy. 4 eggs, 1/2 an onion, 1 jalapeno, 1/2 cup of cheese and a heaping serving of ham lunch meat that needed to be eaten. It was beautifully delicious. I also added some cayenne pepper which gives it a little heat and plus is suppose to be good for you. So 1/2 of this bad boy was 9 points which it depressing because I use to eat an omelet this big on my own. In fact, looking back on my old eating habits, it seems like I was unintentionally training to be on Man vs. Food or something. Anyways…












Dinner: We love burritos, but burrito don’t like us… points wise. So we are trying to find some sort of alternative and I think we’ve found it. A while back Megan found this cilantro rice recipe so we tried to make our own burritos then and it was great, so tonight we decided just to make cilantro rice and black bean burritos. They were amazing. One thing that made it doable points wise is that we found these low fat low carb tortillas that are made by La Banderita that are 1 point a tortilla!!! Legit. So a burrito with: rice, black beans, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole was about 6.5 points which is a ton better than one burrito at your average burrito joint. I had 3. Yes, 3. Overkill? A delicious heck yes. I had a total of 19 points for dinner, which yes, is a lot, but was still better than last week at Chipotle.

So today I’m at 32 points which isn’t too shabby since I’m stuffed and everything we ate today was just great. This week was a little screwy with my 40 point Thursday and yesterday’s Godzilla, but during past stressful weeks, I would have eaten a lot more and would have gone to Jack-in-the-Box late at night and have consumed loads of sodium and calories. That’s the big difference between now and then: I have minimized the compulsive eating. Consequently, I’m shedding off weight like a boss. Tomorrow is weigh in day. Bring it. See ya tomorrow.



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