Day 53: Monday Awesomeness

Понеделник, са за нещастници Google Translate it.

Woke up this to some stressful news in regards to our Focus Group. You see, when I fell asleep last night we had 7 participants, when I woke up, we had 3 (I should have just stayed up all night to avoid this.) Somehow, 4 people had dropped out all of the sudden. Luckily, we did some last minute recruiting and ended up with 8. It was a complete relief, but made for a stressful day, and consequently, some stressful eating. Oh joy…

Lunch: When we went grocery shopping this week these Healthy Choice Café Steamers were on sale so we each got a few since this week was going to be a little (and when I say a little I mean a lot) hectic. It’s one of those things where the food is in it’s own container and there is sauce at the bottom of a bigger container so when it’s done you just mix it in. I had the General Tso’s Spicy Chicken (“Ah, General Tso, you were a bloodthirsty foe, but your chicken is delectable!” Name that quote!) For inhaling it in a bout of stress-filled fury, I was really impressed with it. There are only 3 chunks of chicken but the vegetables and rice make up for it, and for 6 points it was a pretty sufficient meal… for any normal day. Today was not one of those days. After I was done, I was ready to tear in to something else like a Tasmanian Devil… wait, I’ve already used that analogy. Anyways, since I bought the good Publix multigrain waffles again, I made an 8 point wafflewhich and had a 2 point glass of milk. Bizarre lunch? Yes… yes it was.


In this time span, I got jacked to moderate by listening to Underoath (it’s a lot like how Dwight gets ready for a sales presentation) and by drinking a Low Carb Monster (the blue can) which are only 20 calories!!!! No points, just adrenaline.


Snack: After my moderating portion of the focus group, I was a little stressed because I was worried about what our professor was going to say about how we did. We had Halloween candy for the participants and in a stressful haste, I snagged (3) 3 Musketeers mini bars. I knew better and I’m usually really good about absolving, if you will, from little snacks like that, but I felt like I needed something so I caved. They were a point per mini so 3 points for a trinity of happiness was totally worth it at that point.


Dinner: After talking about Hot Pockets and other frozen products for 2 hours, I went home and had a frozen pizza. It was the first time we have had pizza since the great change and it was welcomed with open arms. We had the Kashi Mediterranean pizza and it only took 8 minutes to bake! Legit. For 4 slices (as pictured) it was 9 points which was AOK with me. I had 2 points worth of milk in my cup, then it spilled, so then I only had 1 point worth 🙂





Dessert: Megan has been feeling achy with a sore throat so we both thought she needed to go see a Doctor… Dr. Hiro’s that is!!! (#cheesyjoke) As a pick me up for Megan, and a celebration that I made it through my focus group, we went to Hiro’s for some FroYo even though it’s 50 outside. I got the usual Taro but before we went I did some homework and found out that Oreo’s are around 1 point so I added some on there this time with strawberries. It was really really good. For 5 points, I didn’t mind, although I probably won’t do it again.





So through all the silliness, today I came out to 34 points. 2 points over… meh. See ya tomorrow.



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