Day 54 Galore!

Tuesdays are Legit. Why?? I don’t know.

Since we don’t have class on Thursday, I have officially started my 5 day weekend. So awesome, I have a lot to do, but so awesome.

Breakfast: Before I hopped on the bus to go run at Leach, I grabbed 2 waffles with no peanut butter since we are out 😦 but luckily my parents are bringing some organic PB from my favorite grocery store in Texas (H-E-B. So awesome.) Those 3 points held me over pretty well. Waffles are awesome. Let’s just leave it at that.

Exercise: I really needed to get some running in for #NovGTD so before class I went and treadmilled it up. I decided to try out my 5K time to see where I was at. I ran 3.1 miles in 43:15 which was about 4 minutes slower than my 5K in April, but I still a few weeks to get that number down. Plus I feel like I run faster on the ground. Does anyone else notice that?

Lunch: In keeping with Unofficial Healthy Choice Steamers Week, I “made” the Red Pepper Chicken Alfredo. Unlike yesterday, I was actually able to sit down and enjoy it. Also unlike yesterday, there was plenty of chicken in it and the alfredo was very tasty. I would add some pepper to it for a little more flavor because even though it is a meal, it’s still a frozen diet meal. Anywho, this meal was only 5 points which was really worth it. We also had some of that 6 grain bread leftover from Sunday so I chowed down on that which was 2 points and then a behemoth of a honeycrisp apple which was also 2 points.


Dinner: We decided to take a look at drive around town and to check out the Turkey Trot Track on the other side of town (is it just me, or does the race actually look like a Turkey? I wonder if that was intentional..) Luckily, there weren’t too many hills or severe elevation changes and it’s in a beautiful community so we are both really stoked about it! So after we check that out, we drove around town and ended up at Tijuana Flats, a Mexican joint that we had heard nothing about. When we walked in, it looked like what I think Jerry Garcia’s dreams were like, so many murals with stuff hanging from the ceiling. It was pretty trippy. Anyways we took a look at the menu and they had some really great healthy options including Powerlite Options which were fat free sour cream and cheese. How awesome is that!?! Plus, they have an under 500 calorie portion of the menu. They also had a lot of facts about their food (as seen above) which is always impressive to me. I had the Veggie burrito with a side of chips and salsa. Are you ready for this? The meal total was only 11 points! It was really good and I want to go back already!





After we went to Tijuana Flats, we walked by Gold’s Gym to check out this Gold-Getter’s promotion where you social media (can that be a verb?) while you go there to train and work out. That also included 5 months free membership. I think they have already picked their 5 people, but I wrote on the Gold’s Gym Tallahasee’s Facebook mentioning my blog and to see if they might still consider me (if you are from Gold’s Gym and reading this, you should definitely give me a shot! I’ll make Gold’s Gym Tallahassee famous!!!) So we will see what happens there.

So far today, I’m at a whopping 23 points? Weird… plus I have some exercise point too so I’ll probably have some cereal here in a bit. See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 54 Galore!

  1. I love the new format…so food classic noir. Really looking forward to see ya’ll and doing the 5K stroll. Keep up the strong resolve and great work. My pride in you just keeps growing!

  2. I think for me the best way to train for a 5K is to train for a 10K– or in other words, run longer than what you’re training for [if you can, of course]. Quite literally for me, I went from a 5K to a 10K distance in a month… I thought I wasn’t going to hit 10K until December but decided to throw myself into a 10K on Halloween. But I think pushing myself through a longer distance made my shorter 5K’s faster. And especially made my one-mile time faster (I could hardly push a 12 minute mile and now I’m up to 10 min/mi for one mile). So maybe try running for a time goal (45-50 minutes? an hour?) rather than running for a distance goal. Or make the distance goal longer than the target.


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