A Short Blip: Day 57ish

I love the beach.

I use to never be able to decide if I was a mountains or a beach guy. I grew up driving through the Rockies to see my family in Montana and I lived in Alaska for a summer (which was beautifully awesome) so I always thought I was a Mountain guy. Then my family started going to Florida every couple of years so then the idea of being a beach bum was just stellar to me so then I thought I was a Beach guy. I think fate made my decision for me because for grad school it came down to University of Colorado (mountains) or Florida State (beach) and we headed to the shore.

Anyways, this morning I woke up to the ocean air blowing in my face and I thought “I have to go run. God made this beautiful day so I need to make the most of it.” I put on my Nike’s, set my iPod to Running Mix, and hit the sand running. The tide had been earlier this morning so the sand was packed pretty well and it felt just like a road. The wind was cold and the sun was beating down, but it felt amazing. The crashing waves sounded like cheers and applause (it also sounded like water hitting other water.) I totally forgot my pedometer (I have no clue why I suck at remembering that stupid thing) but I went for about 40 minutes and I only stopped a few times but that was just to enjoy my surroundings. So far it’s been a pretty awesome morning to say the least.

Food News: I’ve been pretty good all weekend. Tomorrow I’m going to go in to more detail about this weekend and everything that’s been going on. We are going to a wedding this afternoon (congrats Brandy and Chris!) and I’m not too worried about it, however there are going to be 3 chocolate/other delicious flavors fountains so that will be quite the temptation but I think I might have one chocolate covered pretzel and call it good. We’ll see how that works out and see how much running I’ll need to do tomorrow morning. See you tomorrow.


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