Weigh in Day 57

It feels like it has been forever and I have missed you (yes you.)

So it felt like after my invigorating post on Saturday, it went downhill fast in an insane, high caloric downward fashion. Up until that point, I had done pretty well with my eating. Granted I didn’t know any of the points, but I did what I could to keep my portions down. Then we went to the wedding. Oh boy. All day I was a runner, getting and doing anything that was asked from me. It was stressful, but the wedding went of without a hitch, except the DJ never showed up so I got to DJ and MC which was really tight. Anyways, by the time the wedding rolled around I was in this stressful eating mode. I went overboard on with the chocolate fountain. If you could dip it in chocolate I would eat it. The dinner was Christmas dinner with ham and the whole shebang. I ate a lot and didn’t feel bad about it. I also drank regular soda. One half of my brain was like “this is so delicious” and the other half (the skinny half) was like “what is wrong with you!?! You’re losing all the ground you made this week.” Even after feeling that way, after the wedding, we went and ate at Bubba Gump’s and had fried shrimp. I was sick, I felt disgusting. Not from being such a Fatty, I literally got sick and was sick up until the morning. So here comes the moral of the story: on Thursday I weighed and I was down to 320.6. I was set to break out of the 320’s for the fist time in a loooooooong time. I weighed this morning and I was at 324.2. Although I lost .4 pounds from last week, I completed undid everything I had worked for all week. I have been really mad at myself all day and frankly all weekend but I am trying to put it behind me and look forward to this week.

So here we are. A new day,a new week, and a new set of points. Here we go.

Breakfast: After that fiasco, I made some eggs and toast. Not too shabby and 5 points so that will work.







Lunch: All day I’ve been working on this paper so we took a break to buy a bigger coffee maker (we have a Keurig which we love but we need more coffee at this point in the semester.) We also got some lunch and I went with Amy’s Tamale Verde which, if you haven’t tried, the best frozen and filling meal I have ever had. It was 9 points and then I added some chips and this new World Table salsa we bought which was 3 points for the chips. It was good that I ate something so filling for lunch because we didn’t have dinner until 10:30. (Ah the joys of a super busy schedule.)




Dinner: I made us our new favorite staple: black beans and cilantro rice burritos. For the first time making it, I have to say it was pretty good. For two burritos with sour cream and a few chips it was 9 points. It really hit the spot because we were starving at that point. Both of us have working since we got up the morning.

So overall I’m at 26 points. I’m not hungry at all (probably because I drank like 8 cups of water) so it’s all good. It’s good to be back. See ya tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Weigh in Day 57

  1. You’re weight may be down now, but that’s probably because you had a stressful week. Work hard, and get into a habit of running. If you get yourself into a good habit, and you like it, chances are you won’t break it, and the rewards will be plenty. Drink a lot of water, it helps not only with keeping your hunger down, but it also will make the runs that much more enjoyable. Good luck this week, lets see some double digits!

  2. Don’t beat yourself up too much Nathan – every person who has gone through weight loss has experienced a day/weekend/week/month/YEAR like this! I can think of so many times when I felt the same as you did at the wedding, but the important thing is that you now recognize the emotional eating for what it was. Emotional eating is a way of coping, and considering you were working hard and probably tired from traveling, it could’ve been much worse.

    So my moral: keep on keeping on, but don’t be mad at yourself! 🙂

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