Day 58: Back on the Wagon

Hooray for Tuesday. (I just said that because it rhymed and for no other reason.)

Today was about getting back on that weight loss horse and to pick up from where I was on Thursday. I was worried that it was going to be hard to get back in the swing of things but I avoided the temptations that came my way and I feel good about it. I’m ready for a good week and a good weigh in on Sunday. In my first post, I wrote that around this point (around week 6) of other weight loss attempts, I would crash and burn hard and gain everything back. Sunday I was worried that was going to happen. I thought I had screwed up that bad. But thanks to this community and the great encouragement I receive from you made the difference. I don’t even know half of you, but you still encourage me and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you for reading and thank you for being awesome. Alright, let’s talk food.

Breakfast: I had this awesome intention of making my awesome omelet of awesomeness (yes, the word awesomeness is required twice to describe it) but alas, sleep got in the way and I woke up a little to late. Anyways, I just had a Kashi cereal bar that was buried in out pantry so only 2 points.

Lunch: We just made leftover black bean and cilantro lime rice burritos which are just fantastic, even great as leftovers. For two burritos and chips and salsa it was 9 points. (Both of us have been on a Mexican kick today. More on that later.)

Exercise: This afternoon I hit up Leach to get some running in for #NovGTD (which I am way behind on.) It felt good to be back at the gym and it was much needed. I went to get on the treadmill and went to run and the belt kept stopping with every step. Super annoying. Has anyone else had that happened to them? Anyways, I told the staff about it and then I went upstairs to run on the track. I had tracks, especially .10 mile tracks because you have to run around 10 times for 1 mile. It was like a hamster wheel as my wife put it. I only got 2 miles before I went stir crazy. 8 exercise points. Hooray.

Snack: I knew dinner was a while away so I thought it would be smart to grab a smoothie. Somehow I got the worst one. Crap. I got the Blueberry Bay which was a whopping 8 points. Lame. Sorry this is the only picture I have today by the way.






Dinner: Back in Abilene, almost every Tuesday we would go to Rosa’s for Taco Tuesdays. Three tacos, beans and rice and extra tortillas for $3.99. Such a deal (but also almost 30 points for one plate. Yes, you read that right.) We found a new alternative tonight at Tijuana Flats. 2 massive tacos, chips and a drink for $4.99. I’m no Frugal Novice, but that’s quite the deal. It was delicious, but they have fat free sour cream and cheese and we both totally forgot to order them that way (#fail.) Their website is a little hard to navigate, but from what I can decipher dinner came out to about 14 points. A little rough (the cheese was 10 grams of fat. Yikes.) but it was still so good.

So today I ate 33 points which is a point over so not bad and with the exercise points it evens out. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 58: Back on the Wagon

  1. Nathan! Way to get back on track (literally and figuratively :)! I wanted to share something new for me that might be fun for you and Megan to try. If your gym has stationary bikes and spin/cycling classes, I highly recommend giving it a shot. I spin 3 times a week at an hour each class- kicks my butt every frickin’ time and I burn 350-400 calories. IF you have bad knees it can hurt sometimes, but if you get bored with your workout or just want a new challenge, try a spin class!

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