Day (Nintendo) 64

Why hello my loyal reader. Thanks for being awesome.

So this has been the best Monday I have had in a while. I didn’t have an assignment due so I did a lot of laundry and cleaned up the house for my family’s arrival (have I mentioned I’m stoked?) I also found out I got a 12 out of 12 on my focus group report which is super fantastic awesomeness.

Breakfast: Megan had a short class today so after she was done, we went to Starbucks for a little breakfast date. I was in the mood for something a little lighter on points and hot because I haven’t had a hot drink there in a loooong time. I just had Megan’s staple: Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte and we split a piece for Low Fat Cinnamon Coffee Cake. The piece pictured is half of it and it still looks like a lot. Has anyone tried Starbucks oatmeal? I want to try it but I was wondering if it was worth it. Anyways, for half of the cake it was 3.5 points and the latte was 3 points. Like I’ve said before, that coffee cake is worth eating only if you are splitting it because a whole piece is definitely not worth 7 points.

Lunch: In the middle of doing laundry, I had a ham and cheese sandwich and a bowl of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup. I think I’m going to take a vacation from processed soups. I don’t like the taste of sodium. (I actually think it was because of the awesome soups from Soup Night! They spoiled me!) The sandwich was 4 points and the soup was 5 points.

Snack: Since mad can not live on soup and sandwiches alone, around 8 tonight I had to eat something. We didn’t get to have dinner until late because Megan had a make up class until 8:30 (lame) so I just had a piece of bread with some pb on it. (4 points) It held me over pretty well.

Dinner: Since we were going to go to college night on Thursday (Chick-Fil-A is closed that day for some reason…) we decided to go tonight. I was adventurous and tried the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and it did not disappoint in the spiciness department. It was tasty but boy was it hot! (Yep, it was so hot that I had the put the word hot in red.) The sandwich was 11 points, half of the large fries was 5 points and 2 BBQ packets were 2 points. I really need to wean myself off of sauces to save the points but I have no clue how I’ll do that.

Today I topped out at 37.5 points!?! Crap! (I just calculated it myself which is a no-no, you should know your points through out the day.) I really didn’t want to use my flex points this early in the week but I guess it happens. What are you going to do about it right? See ya tomorrow.


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