Day Route 66!

My parents are here!!!! Hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!

They got here around 9:30 this morning (the left at 5:00 yesterday evening and drove through the night because they are legit like that) so we have been showing them the lovely sights of Tallahassee. It’s been a pretty awesome day.

Lunch: Since it’s my sister’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIT!) and she loves sushi, we went to Mr. Roboto’s since they have sushi along with cooked food for the rest of the family (except for me, I love sushi too!) I wasn’t really sure what to get, but I was trying to avoid cream cheese and avocado… oh yeah and something fried. So, in hasty decision, I got the Avalanche Roll because I had had it the first time I was here and I knew it was good but I couldn’t remember what was in it. Then I remembered when I got it. It was a shrimp tempura roll with a creamy sauce with imitation crab on it. At first I felt a little guilty about it, but then I just decided to enjoy it. I’m glad I did and not to worry about it because I looked it up and it was only about 10 points! I don’t think I’ve ever been full from one roll of sushi (much less a 6 piece roll) so I’m pretty stoked about that.


Dinner: For dinner, we went to Barnacle Bill’s which is a Tallahassee classic. If you ever come in to town that should be one of the first stops you make (first stop is Doak and the second stop is Bruster’s.) On the outside it looks like kind of a dump… and when you go inside it still looks like kind of a dump. Regardless, the food is fantastic. This is the first time we had been to a seafood joint since we started our weight loss journey and I used to just get fried anything even though it would make me feel disgusting (even though it tasted soooooooo good. I personally think that’s when you know that you have a problem: when you are willing to eat something even when you know you are going to get sick from it. But I digress…) Brit, Dad, and I all got the crab legs which were just fantastic. I was going to avoid the butter at all cost because it’s one of those things where I don’t need it but if it’s close by I’ll eat it. When we got our food, the butter container in mine had fallen over and it was all over the crab (#Fail) Luckily, dad was willing to trade with me so that crisis was averted. I thought the crab was going to be kind of bad, but one pound of crab leg meat is only 4 points (can I get a What? What?) and the potatoes were only 3 points! What a legit meal!

So if I think I’m only at 17 points right now which is just insane because I’m really full and I felt like I was cheating all day. A very rare feat. Tomorrow is the Turkey Trot (Gobble Gobble) and I’m pretty stoked. I thought about going on one final run before the big race, but I decided to take it easy since my Achilles tendon was really tight (I’m assuming that is racquetball related.) I’m hoping I can beat my 5k time in April which was 39:32, but if I don’t awe well, it’s just going to be fun to do a run with my family. I’ll probably do two posts tomorrow: one for the 5k time and one for the post thanksgiving day report (sponsored be Maalox.) Happy Thanksgiving, and see ya tomorrow.


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