Day 67 Part 2: Thanksgiving Dinner

Hello Again!

I hope you all have had a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends, I know we have!

Let’s talk turkey (literally)

Breakfast: to get ready for the trot, I had the classic Wafflewich (as made famous by A Girl Who Loves Cupcakes) It is such a good pre-workout breakfast and it didn’t fail me today. Definitely worth the 9 points. (As you can see, I felt a little crazy this morning.)






Lunch: We didn’t put in the turkey until 11:30 so I made a sandwich to hold me over and it really did… until I cut the turkey and ate a few “bad” pieces. We got this low calorie bread from Publix which is only half a point a slice (legit.) Because of that, my turkey (sliced, not turkey turkey) and cheese sandwich was only like 4 points.

Thanksgiving Dinner: Since October, we have been on the hunt to find healthy recipes for today’s dinner and I think we did alright. We had all the essentials, without as many calories and fat. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss the green bean casserole, but for good of my waist line, I survived. I use to gorge myself on Thanksgiving because that is what you were suppose to do. This week I realized that one meal shouldn’t undo what you have been doing the rest of the year. It’s just food, we’re not in short supply of it and humans don’t hibernate so why make yourself feel miserable with too much food? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed myself, but I don’t feel disgusting like I did at the wedding even though I ate enough to be full so that in itself was a win in my book.

This was our spread for dinner: sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes made with chicken broth, cranberry salad made with sugar free jello, gravy, cranberry apricot stuffing, honey wheat crescent rolls, grilled veggies, an spiced apple topping for the sweet potatoes, and regular and sour cream pumpkin pie. Oh yeah, and turkey. (I actually forgot to write that in. Fail.) Pretty much all of these recipes (except the gravy and the salad) came from various Weight Watcher cookbooks. Instead of schlaking the turkey with butter we used a little EVOO and then put some spices on it.



This was my plate. The only seconds I had was 2 more small pieces of turkey and a little gravy. This plate was 18 points. Not too shabby.














Brittany loves her sugar.








This is the sour cream pie from the WW cookbook. It’s only 4 points for a slice and it tastes just as good, if not better, than a “regular” pumpkin pie. You don’t taste the sour cream at all but it does have a nice little bite to it. We got the Fat Free Cool Whip and it’s only 15 calories for 2 tablespoons! So good.






Now we are all lying around, suffering from turkey comatose so we are watching Christmas Vacation. Let’s wrap this up. Today I feel like I did really well. I ate 35 points give or take a few pieces of turkey. With the Turkey Trot, that was 10 exercise points so I’m at 25 points but who can think about eating right now? Am I right? AM I RIGHT!?! Happy Thanksgiving. See ya tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Day 67 Part 2: Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Awesome job on your turkey trot!! I am glad tne wafflewich helped out. I love those darn things! Lol! After spending the day cooking I barely wanted to east anything. However, everything turned out great and I ended up eating too much probably because I waited all day to eat. Your spread looks awesome. Those rolls sound delicious.

  2. I’m so impressed by everything you and Megan have accomplished so far! It’s amazing to me how well you’ve both adjusted to such a drastic lifestyle change. I’m very inspired by the determination both of you have exhibited. Congratulations on beating your 5k time and on avoiding over-eating on one of the most tempting days of the year! If you can make it through Thanksgiving, you can make it through any day! 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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