Day 67 Turkey Day Post Part One: The 5k!!!

What a great way to start off Thanksgiving!

It was a beautiful morning in Tallahassee. When the race started, at 9:00… 30 minutes late, it was in the low 60’s with no wind. You couldn’t have asked for a better day!



























Like I said, the race started late and it was too packed (about 6,000 folks) for a small road one way road in a neighborhood. We were far back in the line and you had to run through a lot of walkers and strollers (which weren’t suppose to be allowed, dogs too, but people still had them.) The course was had two big hills, but with big hills comes big downhill running. One house that we ran by had their doors open and you could smell them deep frying a turkey. It was complete torture. I blitzed the first mile (the one mile timer said 13:00) and I didn’t stop at all through out it. If I felt like I couldn’t go any more, I would power walk the crap out of it. I was really proud of not completely giving up any any moment in the race.

Results… Kind of

Overall, we all did awesome! I’m really proud of my parents because they were booking it the whole time! I’m especially stoked because I broke my personal record which I really didn’t think I was going to do (that’s not said for dramatic effect. I really thought I was going to suck it up today.) So here are the times:

Me: 37:58

Megan: 43:47

Brittany: 47:37

Mom and Dad: 53:35

Legit! I almost beat Megan’s personal best by 10 seconds. Next time… Next time… Well my house smells delicious and if I stay on here any longer I will drool all over my keyboard. Food blog later. See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 67 Turkey Day Post Part One: The 5k!!!

  1. That’s great, you guys! Melissa and I and our husbands have taken up running as well. On Canada Day we all did a 10km run with some of the other relatives you know, and then in October we did a half marathon. It’s a great way to spend time together and all get healthy together too! Way to go! You better watch out, you may just get hooked! 🙂

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