Day 69

NOLES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the first time since the George W. Bush administration, the Florida State Seminoles win destroyed the Florida Gators. This was also the first time ever that a FSU coach beat Florida during their first season as head coach. It was a pretty huge game… and I didn’t go. Probably a bad decision. Well let me clarify, the student section sold out and we were offered a ticket but we both wanted to go so we just watched it at home which was still a blast. Especially because we had our windows open and we could hear everyone in our neighborhood yell and cheer during the game and we played Wii during halftime. So after the game, we switched it over to the NC ST/Maryland game because if Maryland won then FSU would be going to the ACC Championship and play Virginia Tech. Although Maryland really tried to blow a 17-38 lead (or something ridiculous like that) they pulled out the win and FSU clinched the ACC Atlantic division! So awesome. It was a great way to end this Thanksgiving weekend. Now, it’s back to life, back to reality…

Breakfast: I was naughty (sort of) and had a piece of WW sour cream pie for breakfast. It seemed like the right and delicious thing to do. It was only 4 points for a slice so that works for me.

Lunch: Before my family left, we when to and got some lunch. Megan and I are really bad at picking where we want to go when it comes to eating out, but I just made an executive decision and I picked Qdoba since it was away from campus so we would avoid the crowds. Megan did some research and we went naked shredded beef queso burritos and skipped on the rice (their rice has 5 grams of fat so it’s kind of high in points.) The burrito was 11 points but the side of chips were kind of a killer. The side of chips were 6 points so we would definitely share them next time, but Chipotle is opening in about a week so there won’t be a reason to go to Qdoba probably ever again.



Exercise: Before the game started, we went and walked down out backyard trail down to the park. After a gross hot day yesterday, it was cold today and it felt perfectly fall like. We stopped by the dog park to watch the puppies run around. We really want a dog or a cat so when we see any pets we get automatically jealous. Anyways we walked up and down a couple of trails and just enjoyed the day. I think the next time I train for a 5k I think I might do more trail running instead of being stuck on a treadmill. It passes the time better and you get more of an elevation change. We walked around for 2.69 miles so it was a good walk.

Dinner: We had leftovers again which was still AOK with me. I made one turkey and stuffing sandwich and then just ate some turkey with some ketchup. Then I had a leftover honey crescent roll so it was a 12 point dinner.

So I am still starving but I’m not sure what to eat because I’m already at 33 points. I have only used 7.5 flex points this points which is pretty cool because it was Thanksgiving Week. I’m not going to use the rest of them tonight, but it’s pretty tempting… Tomorrow is weigh in day. I’m hoping for a good number. Either way, it’s a good day to be alive. See ya tomorrow.


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