Day 70: Post Thanksgiving Weigh In EEEEEK

So one of my goals this month was to not gain any weight during the week of Thanksgiving. This time of the year has always been hard on me because I love to eat. (I still do.) But I especially love to eat things that only come around this time of the year so I would try to gorge myself on it to get my quota. It was things like Deep Fried Turkey (this was the first year in about 7 years that we didn’t have it,) all these delicious chocolate creations my mom would make and eggnog. This list could go on and on but I’ll just get hungry. Anyways, after the wedding fiasco, I was really worried about how I would finish out the year. Would I have enough self control? Would I actually lose any weight? Would it even be possible to break the 300 mark by January? This week gave me the confidence and comfort to know that I can do anything I make a priority and if I do give in and indulge a little bit, that’s okay because you shouldn’t be completely miserable during your weight loss journey. If you are then what’s the point?

With that being said, obviously everything must be done in moderation and that is what I found is the key to success this week. When we went out to eat with my family, I tried to be smart with what I ate and I really listened to my body. If I was content, I would stop. If there was food on my plate, that’s okay. If I wasn’t hungry at a meal, I wouldn’t try to shove anything down my throat. I know these might sound like simple things for some people, but other people know exactly what I am talking about and how hard these things can be. By doing these things, Megan and I both put up great numbers. In fact, I haven’t lost this much weight since week one. This week, the week where America celebrates gluttony as it’s national past time, I lost 4.8 pounds!!! Holla! I have officially karate chopped the 40 pound mark. I currently weigh 314.8 so I have to lose a little more than 2.1 pounds a week to break 300 by my birthday. Although I’m pretty stoked about how I did, I am really really really proud of Megan. She lost 3.8 pounds this week!!! I’m so proud of her! So at this point, I am 75 points away from my 100 pound goal!

Lunch: (I skipped breakfast because of time, I regretted it half way through church.) When I was looking for Thanksgiving recipes, I came across this one for Creamy Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese. Like the majority of college students and poor people in the world, Mac ‘n Cheese was a staple in our household before the weight loss journey. One time Megan made a Joy of Cooking macaroni bake recipe that called for a can of condensed milk and an entire block of cheddar cheese. I remember eating it and just feeling disgusting while eating but I couldn’t stop. I then knew I had a problem. Anyways, we paired it with some broccoli and it was really filling! This picture here was 6 points of macaroni so it’s definitely a good deal points wise! I had seconds (half a serving) and a glass of milk so lunch was 16 points. Yum to the power of divine.


Snack: After such a big lunch, we both went in to hibernation mode and when we snapped out of it, we decided to get some fro-yo at Hiro’s before we hit the books. I had some taro with strawberries and oreo. It was really good and the sugar rush I really needed. It was about 6 points so that works for me.






Dinner: There was plenty of mac n’ cheese left so I had some more deliciousness and a little bit of turkey. It hit the spot. Dinner was 10 points. As you can tell, I was pretty stoked about it.






So today I am at 32 points but I have alot of articles to read for a big paper I am writing so I am going to do some snacking at some point. Do you (yes you) have any low cal snacking suggestions? At this point, coffee isn’t doing the trick (we are on pot No.2 already tonight. Thank goodness it’s no points!) See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 70: Post Thanksgiving Weigh In EEEEEK

  1. Great job this week! Both of you are really inspiring. I am so relieved that our visit did not have a negative impact. We loved being there with you and getting to be in your “natural” habitat. Snack wise….do you eat much popcorn? Filling and pretty low in calories if you leave off the butter. Love you and congratulations!

  2. I am so impressed by both of you!! I also survived Thanksgiving week and lost a few pounds, but mainly because I had bronchitis and sleep half the week. 🙂 Whatever works, right?

    Oh! For low cal snacking… two things I am addicted to are: 1. Light Pringles (I’m pretty sure they are 1 point a serving for 14 chips)and 2. Laughing Cow cheese wedges with pretzel sticks (I like the Publix brand)- I think a serving of pretzels is 50 sticks and 2-3 points and two cheese wedges are 1.5 points.

    Thanks for writing the blog, I look forward to reading it every morning! 🙂

    -Kelsey Confer

  3. Granola is a lifesaving snack – probably packed with points but also full of fiber and sticks with you very well. I love Bear Naked’s Fruit and Nut. You can also buy plain granola and add your own – my favorites are dried cranberries and almonds. Yum 🙂

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