Day 73: A Very Busy Day

Today might have been the longest day this semester. We left our house at 7:30 am and didn’t get back until 9:00pm. The rest of the day was filled with projects and papers. Oh the joys of grad school. This is going to be a short post because I have to get back to work so I will post my December goals tomorrow so I can have time to actually think about them (plus I don’t want to rob you, dear reader, of a decent post… so you’re welcome?) Luckily, my stuff is due tomorrow and Friday so then I’ll be done… until next week. Luckily I only have one final but it is next Friday at 3:00 until 5:00. It kind of epitomizes how crappy that class it. Alright, let’s do this thang.

Breakfast: Let me ask you a question, when I say my name (Nathan,) does it sound like I am saying Hank? Well that is what the Starbucks employee thought I said this morning. Maybe I was grumbling because it was so early, but that’s what she wrote on my cup. Anyways, I was really in the mood for some hot chocolate this morning, so I went to my Starbucks App and tried to make it as healthy as it could be. Sadly, a grande non-fat, sugar free, no whip or mocha drizzle hot chocolate (can you even call it hot chocolate at that point?) was still 5 points. So I just went with a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte which was only 3 points. I only drank half of it because I’m a slow hot drink drinker so I drank 1.5 points of it.



Lunch: After a long morning and getting a lot done, Megan and I met up for some Greek comfort food at Pitaria. I had the falafel pita and we split some pita fries (it helped ease the pain.) It was a 15 point lunch and it really held me over. We could totally do the Mediterranean diet πŸ™‚






Dinner: We met up with some people at church in the plush Tallahassee Mall (it’s really a dump and kind of looks and feels like that weird abandoned mall that everyone takes shelter in in a zombie movie.) Luckily, they have a Subway so we split a footlong black forest ham sub. It must be “hire employees who don’t listen” day because we said lite mayo and he said “lite mayo, you got it” and then put regular mayo on it. We didn’t fight it because we were really hungry. I’ve been thinking about something like that for a while, it’s really disconcerting that you have to just trust the employees that they are making your food light or adding that fat free sour cream and you have to just trust it because you don’t really know. It’s kind of annoying, but that’s like I guess. Anyways I’m rambling. The sub was especially good because of the real mayo lol but awe well. It was 8 points. Life goes on.

Snack: After church, we ran to Publix to get some studying snacks to get us through the next at least 48 hours. We didn’t get anything extravagant in points (and I got some 25 calorie Swiss Miss so I can have my hot chocolate.) We also got these Chex Mix bars that are super chocolaty and were only 2 points which was nice.

Right now I am at 26.5 points but the night is young.Β  I don’t plan on going overboard tonight with food, but some seriously healthy snacking are definitely in the cards. See ya tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Day 73: A Very Busy Day

  1. LOL Hi Hank! Down in San Diego there is a sandwich shop that you write your name on the bag and my brother & I made up names. We ended up calling each other those names the whole weekend. lol Yeah kinda lame…

  2. Nathan! Just wanted to say I’m super impressed with you and your blog! You are doing an awesome job. You really seem to have your head in the game. I have no doubts that you can meet all your goals:) You look great and your wife is adorable (wish I could meet her!). Good luck with the end of the semester rush!!

  3. Totally understand your frustration when you ask for something from a food establishment and they don’t listen. That happened to me the other day when I ordered a backed potato with broccoli and cheese and sour cream on the side and it came with HUGE GLOBS of cheese and sour cream all over it. ugh. I scraped most of it off and made them bring me more broccoli so it was fine but it’s like hello are you listening?

    Good luck with all your studying! I am already finished with my class for this semester. I am DE and I haven’t heard back from my teacher after 3 emails so I’m just going to see what happens. I know I will do fine in the class, but I hate that I don’t feel challenged by the material. It seems like I’m just wasting my time, because he obviously could care less. /rant

    Keep up the great work, Hank. πŸ˜‰

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