Day 77: Weigh In Day Awesomeness!!!!!

So this week was über stressful (with a capital umlaut) and I’m glad it’s over. With that, I thought this I was going to gain a crapton back which would suck. Luckily, this week was a little better than I thought: I lost 2.2 pounds! I’m really stoked about it! So now I’m at 312.6 and I have lost a total of 44.4 pounds since September which is just insane. It’s definitely more than I have ever lost in a single attempt. I can’t believe I’m that close to 50 pounds! I know I have a lot more to go, but it’s coming off slowly but surely! Like I said yesterday, I’m really starting to see the difference which is really encouraging. Alright, on to food.

Breakfast: Let the week of three squares commence! I made scrambled eggs and bacon before church which was just delicious. That’s really all that needs to be said about that. It was about 8 points so not too shabby.






Lunch: After an awesome church service, we had to have a quick lunch because Megan had a thing at 2:00, so we hit up Subway to go. We had the “Megan Classic” (The same sub she has had since High School) which is ham and cheese with other awesome things. Since we just split a $5 foot long, we had some chips and soda at home, we skipped the combos and ate at home. The sandwich was 6 points and our baked sour cream and cheese lays were only 2 points (which is pretty awesome.) Pretty awesome lunch.

Exercise: Matt and I played racquetball and I was really pooped after. We hadn’t play since before Thanksgiving break, but it was a lot of fun and since this is finals week, we are going to try to play a few times more. It was 15 exercise points which is also pretty awesome.


Snack: I had some watermelon after racquetballin’ it up (1 point!) and some fat free cheez its (which is only 3 points for 29 crackers… or cheese things… or its?)

Dinner: After some cardio workout awesomeness, Megan made my new favorite low fat dish: Creamy Stovetop Mac and Cheese with broccoli. Since I was starving, I had two super heaping helpings with a ton of broccoli. It was 12 points and it was super duper delicious.






After dinner, Megan and I heard about this facebook promotion that the first 50 people in front of the FSU library got an invite to a special invitation only shindig at the new Chipotle the night before they open! Did I mention free burritos? Super stoked. So I got that working for me. This is us waiting in line but the camera on my phone sucks but awe well.













Today I got to 32 points even so that works out pretty well. See ya tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 77: Weigh In Day Awesomeness!!!!!

    • Thanks! Nah, I think we are going to stay with what we are doing. It seems a lot easier and what we are doing now is working just fine :). Not to mention we are not attending meetings so there’s not much a point. I read what you wrote a while back about it. I take it that you aren’t going to do it?

      • Nope, I cancelled my etools membership because there was not option to revert back to the old program and I don’t actually have any paper materials, so I’m estimating based on points calculator I have at home and hitting the gym hardcore. I hadn’t been really tracking much and I’ve been losing more since I started eating less than they told me too. I’m really tall for a girl and they wanted me to 34 points a day and I was forcing myself to eat when I wasn’t hungry so I think the plan stopped working for me. Still cheering all my WW peeps on though!

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