Day 79

I’m feeling sick. No bueno.

Megan has been sick and I have been fighting it pretty hard but I woke up with a little drainage in the back of my throat so that’s awesome.

Breakfast: in efforts to fight off the crud, I had a glass of orange juice (2 points) and when Megan had said that she was getting sick on Facebook, one of our friends suggested this home remedy that involved unfiltered apple cider vinegar, honey, and water. I wasn’t skeptical, I figured it would work, but I figured it was going to taste disgusting. And it did. I got it down and it actually really helped. It burned where it was hurting so I just equated that with healing.





Lunch: Since we were sick, we had some other food with healing power: chicken noodle soup (or as my dad called it: German Penicillin because that’s what my grandma made for him when he was little.) It felt so good down the pipe. Since it was only a point for a cup (2 points) I had two Hebrew National 94% ff hot dogs with buns which was 6 points. Not too bad of a lunch.





Exercise: Matt and I played some racquetball again today to try to sweat this crud out. I apologized to him in advance if I started to reek of apple cider vinegar half way in to it. (I don’t think I ever did smell, but I did sweat a lot more than I usually do.) Anyways, it felt good to get a good cardio work out. We played for a hour and a half so it was 22 exercise points which was just epic. After, I had 6 points of snacking which was baked lays and a chocolatey chex bar.

Dinner: I made some vegetarian chili at home because we just felt like staying in and recooping from this semester. I added a lot of Tabasco so I could clear my sinuses and it worked… for a bit. Anyways for two servings of chili and rice with cheese and a big glass of milk it was 19 points which is a lot but it really sticks to your ribs and keeps you a lot fuller than 19 points from a restaurant.





So today I got up to 35 points but with the workout points I’m alright. I have been bad and I haven’t been doing my sit ups and push ups so I got back on track by doing 75 of each between commercial breaks during the Biggest Loser. Feeling pretty good. See ya tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Day 79

  1. Eck I’ve been sick too….for forever. I don’t think I can try that apple vinegar thing though. I’ll stick to the soup.

  2. Hot and sour soup is my favorite. You get the chicken broth from chicken noodle soup, the vinegar from your apple cider vinegar cure, and the red pepper from your Tabasco-laced chili, all in a cornstarch-thickened soup that coats your throat. Yum 🙂

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