Day 81 Thursdayness

Sup yo!

Today, I got a glimpse of what Winter Break is going to be like and it was glorious. I sat around and watched the Travel Channel. I studied a little, but it’s hard to gauge an open book final. It’s awesome and annoying at the same time. Anyways, we are both starting to feel better which is great so hopefully it will be all gone by the weekend. Anyways, let’s talk food.

Breakfast: There was one bagel left so I toasted it up with a little cream cheese. A little 3 point breakfast. Scrumptious. For a snack I had a 2 point cookie even though it was a little stale. Not the best call. Why throw away points like that right?






Lunch: I had 2 Hebrew National 94% fat free hot dogs with some ketchup and mustard. So good. Only 6 points.







Outdoor Adventure: After Megan’s final, we decided to take a little hike and get some fresh air and to work on our 50 mile goal (which we didn’t start until… today :/) I put on a jacket and I could really tell a difference so I was wondering how much of a difference there was from last December. Here it is. The picture on the left was from December 2009 and the pic on the right is from today. I didn’t put this up as some proclamation of how awesome I think I am or anything like that, I’m just really stoked about this! This is proof that diet and exercise works. Give it a shot. Anyways, we went to the park and the leaves are really changing now. We only went 1.42 miles but it was still good to enjoy such a beautiful day.

Dinner: We hadn’t had curry in a while so Megan whipped up some Panang curry with red peppers and onions. The plate was only 10 points but Megan got full so I ate the rest of hers because it is that delicious. Anyways, it was 15 points which was cool because I had only eaten 11 points today.






So I’m only at 26 points but Megan just made the awesome WW Sour Cream Pumpkin Pie so there’s so awesome nom nomage in the future. See ya tomorrow.






3 thoughts on “Day 81 Thursdayness

  1. Carrie: Absolutely 🙂

    Lisa: Yeah it’s a nice little park behind the house I am doing the #DecGTD 50 miles walk/jog this month.

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