Day 82: Finals Are Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who puts a final on Friday in the afternoon? Seriously? So dumb so dumb so dumb so dumb. Anyways, finals are over and now it’s time to focus on Winter Break! We are going to fly out in Tuesday!!!!!!! So stoked. Anyways, let’s talk food.

Breakfast: I had the wafflewhich of awesomeness. So tasty. It was 8 points but it was good because it held me over for most of the day. I also had a 1 point orange.

Lunch: Since my final was a 3:00 and Megan’s was at 1:30, I was going to park by my department and then take the bus over to the union for some Pollo Tropical. After waiting for 15 minutes for a bus, I finally got on one then he drove for 100 feet after my stop and then he parked on the side of the road and ate his lunch. I just got off in disgust and then got a diet coke and a 4 point Nature Valley granola bar. It held me over, but roasted delicious chicken would have been nice…..

Dinner: After the final (which I did adequate on) we went to Mellow Mushroom, a pizza place in Tallahassee, with some peeps from Megan’s department. It was good but pretty pricey. We ordered a 10″ cheese pizza and for some reason they brought us a pepperoni pizza. I would say fail, but they didn’t charge us for a pepperoni which was more and I had the points too so awe well. We split it in half (2 slices each) and it was about 14 pointsish (that’s according to the WW site but it’s like 7 point for a slice from a place like Pizza Hut and our slices were much smaller.)

After Party: After dinner, we hung out at our friends Christian’s apartment. We had a blast just hanging out and relaxing after a crazy semester. He had some ff pretzels that were only 2 points for 20 pretzels. I had about 6 points worth. At one point, I went outside and I saw a huge raccoon. I ran away from it and it ran in to the woods. It was awesome.

So today I was at 33 points which is pretty good. Sorry this post is so late and for the lack of pics. I’ll make up for it. See ya tomorrow.


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