Day 85: Monday Madness

When I say madness, I mean a day of nothing.

WE ARE FLYING OUT TOMORROW! I am so stoked! There is something about airports that I just love that I really can’t explain. Anyways, I am also curious/a little worried if I am going to need to use a belt extender. Since I was a sophomore in high school, I have been asked by a flight attendant if I needed one and if I they didn’t ask, I didn’t ask. Frankly, I felt if the plane went done (knock on wood) a seat belt wouldn’t help anyways (dark I know.) I am also a little worried since Megan and I might not be on the same row and I don’t know if I’ll be in an aisle or window seat. Either way, it’s a 2 hour flight so I can bear it. Alright, enough of that. Let’s talk food yo.

Breakfast: We ate Subway (no, I am not going Jared on you or anything.) So last night after the Subway drive-thru debacle, they gave us a 50% coupon (not because we complained or anything, it was just a promotion.) We had to use it in 24 hours so we used it on breakfast. I tried the double bacon with egg white on an english muffin. I added some spinach and red onions. It was really good and 4 points.

Lunch: So I had some leftover mac and cheese and three hot dogs because we had to clean out the fridge before we head out. (Oh didn’t I tell you? I switched to the “Eat like a 6 year old” diet) It was only 9 points and I was stuffed after. Not too shabby.






Snack: While I was cleaning out the fridge, I found the last piece of pie and a little fat free cool whip, so I took one for the team and put it out of its misery. I know, it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it :). Only 4 points.



Exercise: Despite the fact the wind chill was 20 outside, some folks from the college group played some half court basketball. IT WAS FREEZING but we had a blast. I’m not usually a fan of basketball because I always played with people that took it pretty seriously and I’m not one to take things seriously. (I did however play intramural basketball in undergrad and fouled out in 2 minutes one game. Not because I was malicious, I was just that bad.) Anyways, I actually played really well. One could say I even played raw. At one point I was carrying my team with my swagger shooting. We played for 2 hours and I was super sweaty the whole time because I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie so it was 25 exercise points. Awesomeness (pray that I don’t get sick, actually pray for the people on my plane tomorrow that I don’t get sick.)

I came home to the house smelling of fantastic chili. It was the best chili I had ever had. I had a serving and a half and it was so filling. It was 13 points with the chili and rice. What a great dinner.






Christmas Presents! Megan and I decided to have our own little Christmas so we exchange a gift with one another. I got Megan a cute owl journal and she got me this Columbia vest that I have wanted for the last two Christmases! Pretty awesome!



So today I got to 30 points and I still have some exercise points to work with a little while later. Here’s the deal, tomorrow I am going to weigh in in the morning to see where we are at before we head out. I’m going to try to weigh at my mom’s clinic on Wednesday to see how accurate it is. Also, my family doesn’t have internet for the time being, making daily blogging a little complicated. Luckily, we live close to a Starbucks so I’ll probably be sending posts intermittently. Either way, I’m going to closely watch my points and try not to stray too far away. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 85: Monday Madness

  1. You guys are too cute. I thought of y’all the other day at World Market – they had owl gift bags up the wazoo. Lookin’ good in that rockin’ vest, Sir! No worries about the hot dogs and mac & cheese. Once a month, I get down with the spaghettios. 🙂

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