The vacation is over. It felt like I blinked and we were back at the airport. Trips always feel like they are too short but regardless it feels good to be back in Tallahassee and it feels great to be blogging. I don’t even really know where to start. (How about the beginning Nathan?) Alright, here we go.

For the first couple of days in Texas, I has hyper sensitive of everything I ate like every bite of something even a little unhealthy was detrimental to my waist line. Thinking back on it, it was an unhealthy way of looking at things. When I realized that one too many tortilla chips wasn’t going to inflate me back to 357, I felt a lot better about it and ate what I wanted with portion control. I stepped out of bounds a few times and my body realized it so I felt the pain. Looking back on it it’s pretty cool because I ate some of my old bad staples and my body said “I don’t live on that junk anymore! Feed me something better than that!” I mean, I still passed up on some things like my Dad’s magnificent Chocolate Chip Pecan Bourbon Pie (Yes, it’s all one pie!) but my mom modified her chocolate pudding (which is my favorite dessert in the world) with some splenda and half egg beaters and half eggs. It tasted almost exactly the same and much less calories. The moral of this trip was that most things you want to eat can be modified with some ingredient adjustments.

Non-Scale Victories

The first victory was through out the trip, I got a ton of comments and support from friends and family (even this random guy that I use to just randomly know since we worked in the same mall.) It was such a great feeling seeing the looks on their faces. The support I received really fueled me and held me accountable the whole time.

The second victory was getting new jeans! I was still wearing my fat jeans and I was swimming in them (my butt was non-existent in them.) I went to Belk because they have pretty good deals and a nice big and tall section and bought 2 pairs of jeans. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have to wear relaxed fit so I could fit in a pair. I bought a pair of straight legged Izod’s that were 4 inches smaller and a pair of Levis that were actually 6 inches smaller than the fat jeans. Buying jeans (or just pants in general) was always a nightmare, but this time it was actually a pleasure. Who knew right?

The third victory was my belt. I have this belt that I bought my sophomore year of college (2007ish) and at one point I couldn’t wear it, it was too small. I used it on this trip and I know have to use the smallest notch! Holy Crap! It’s exhilarating when you have those discoveries, but it still took me back because it really put in to perspective of how bad of shape I was in.

Conclusion and Some Pics of the Trip

So I’m going to do a short week weigh in (week 16) tomorrow. I didn’t have a weigh in on the trip which I think actually helped me make better snacking decisions. Overall, it was great to see family and friends (and I miss y’all already!) but it’s great to be back in Tallahassee and back to normalcy. Here are some pics from today and a family pic. I took most of them on Hipstamatic (which is the best iPhone camera app in the world.) See ya tomorrow.



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