Day 100: Week 15 Weigh In Day!

Ladies and Gentleman, it has finally happened. When I started this blog in September I weighed an astounding 357 pounds. Today, I woke up to this bad boy: 307 even. Meaning I have officially lost 50 pounds!!!!!!!!!! Holy Cannoli! I lost 50 pounds in a 100 days which means I lost like half a pound a day. I’m not one to be arrogant but I am really impressed with myself but I couldn’t have done it without my wife, my family and you, dear reader! Anyways, so I lost 2.6 pounds during our trip to Texas. It’s not a ton, but I didn’t gain any so that’s a big win definitely. Alright, let’s talk food (it feels like forever since I have said that!)








Breakfast: We didn’t have much in our pantry, but luckily we had a few waffles in the freezer so I had waffles and peanut butter. It was like eating an ol’ friend (that is suppose to be more sentimental than cannibalistic.) Anyways, 2 waffles and 2 tbs of pb was 8 points. (Notice how much nicer the pic is? Thank you Santa for the iPhone!!!!)






Lunch: So we made a grocery list and went to Wal-Mart to get the essentials (beans, rice, bananas. You know, the essentials.) After we got home, we prepared this awesome southwest style chicken soup that cooks in a crockpot for about 4 hours. I had to cut up a rotisserie chicken so I left the drumsticks and the wings to eat. It was severely disappointing, it was greasy and a little burnt. So that was 6 points of sadness. So then I decided to eat some leftover rice/veggie concoction that Megan made the other night. That, on the other hand, was awesome and filling. That was only 5 points so it made up for it.



Exercise: Since we (or I) didn’t work out as much as I should have during the trip, we thought we would get back in to exercising with baptism by fire: Jillian Michale’s Last Chance Workout. It was beastly. It felt good, but it was really rough. We got a new WW slider from from one or two programs back and it has been really helpful. It also has a different exercise points formula so there won’t be those ridiculously high exercise points like there use to be. According to this one, I still got 9 exercise points so that’s still pretty tight.

Dinner: After the soup was ready, we dove in and it was fantastic. It was awesome when my Dad made it and it was awesome when we made it so I guess it’s a pretty good recipe (I think that’s how it works.) Anyways, it was great and it was even better with even better with Jalapeno Tabasco which goes with anything. Two bowls later, it was 15 points and it was awesome.





Dessert: Megan got an awesome Ninja blender (as seen on TV!) so we gave it a try and made a strawberry banana smoothie. The Ninja delivered and made one heck of a smoothie plus it was only 5 points so a pretty good dessert.

So today I had 39 points which is high but with the exercise point I was at 30 points so that will work. See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 100: Week 15 Weigh In Day!

  1. I am so very proud of you for deciding to make these changes in your life AND for doing so with such consistency! Anyone who reads your blog is sure to see that it’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle change that has changed your life. God bless.

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