Day 105: The Calm Before the Storm

Here we go. Round 2. I’m pretty stoked for this semester. I finally got my semester my classes figured out (which sadly does not include Graduate Photography… at least not this semester.) I’m taking Media & Conflict, Account Planning (which doesn’t involve accounting) and Foundations of Integrated Marketing Communication. I’m also TA’ing an online Hispanic Marketing class. It should be a pretty awesome semester, but we will re-evaluate that in 6 weeks.

Breakfast: It was a pretty cold morning (especially in our house) so we made some steel cut oatmeal. It was fantabulous beyond belief. A heaping bowl was only 3 points. Oatmeal is so filling.






Lunch: For lunch, I just ate some left over Hoppin’ John (you know, to keep that New Years good luck going.) It was still pretty good and again, very filling. It was 8 points for 2 cups. Pretty good stuff.

Dinner: Tonight, we decided to have pizza by candle light. We thought we would take it easy before the semester gets fun. We ordered a thin crust cheese from Pizza Hut and it was pretty good. It was only 4 points a slice and I was starving so I had 4 slices which was 16 points. I know it’s a lot but it was pretty awesome.






So today I’m at 27 points. It works for me. Sorry for the brevity of this post. It happens. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 105: The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Sometimes, you just have to eat pizza. I mean really! I’m sorry you didn’t get into Photography! That would of been awesome! I only take one course a semester and between that working and the gym I’m exhausted so your semester sounds exhausting to me. LOL!!! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Yeah, I could have taken it but I would have had to of gotten the OK from my department and I ran out of time. I’m going to still try to take it sometime though. And yes, it’s going to be a fun one lol but I’ll survive… I think. Have a great day yo!

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