Day 106: The Storm Has Begun

Well today was the first day back and it wasn’t too bad! I have classes straight from 2-6 on Tuesdays so that’s going to suck but it’s worth it not to have any classes on Fridays (holla.) I waited at a bus stop for 30 minutes today and that was annoying but other than that it’s been a pretty good day. Tomorrow I just have the one and it should be interesting as well. I really stoked because I’m going to hit up the gym for the first time in 2011 tomorrow! I’m worried it’s going to be packed, but that’s how it works the first few weeks on January. Sad but true (if only there was an inspirational blog they could read to get them motivated…) Anyways, enough chit chat. Let’s talk food.

Breakfast: Just a bowl of Kashi Berry Crisp. I think I realized why I love it so much: it tastes like Crunch Berries but it actually has berries in it! (Instead of discolored milk.) 4 points

Lunch: There was one slice of pizza left so I ate it. I knew I should have eaten something better and I really realized it when I felt sick around 4:00. I guess a bad dinner the night before and a bad lunch is not a good combo. Anyways, it was only 4 points which is even more of a reason to have eaten more during the day. I’m not freaking out though, I’m still trying to get my groove back (and no, my name is not Stella.)

Dinner: I didn’t get home until around 6:40 and my awesome wife had made boneless skinless chicken tenderloins with asparagus and mashed potatoes with sour cream. It was fantastic, a real stick to your ribs dinner. That whole plate was only 8.5 points. This semester, we are going to switch off dinners so I get to try my hand at some new recipes! If you have a good one let me know!

Snacks: I had another bowl of cereal (4 points) and Megan made some 3 point mixed berry smoothies which were also awesome.

So today I’m at 23.5 points which is incredibly low. I didn’t intentionally mean to do that but I’m not starving. I might make some popcorn because we are finally about to watch Inception. I know I know I’m super lame. Sue me. One more thing, what did you think of tonight’s Biggest Loser? I think this season is going to blow mediocre Season 10 out of the water. It should be a good one. See ya tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Day 106: The Storm Has Begun

  1. In an attempt to branch out from the now famous “Tex Mac” chicken soup, I do have a recipe for an equally awesome beef stew that you cook all day in the crock-pot with gnochi dumplings added during the final 30 minutes. Let me know if you’re interested. Congrats on a successful first day! I continue to be proud of your choices, changes and creative writing style.

  2. Hubby cooks during the week and I get weekends so I usually get to cook the complicated things. One of our favorites is the pizza panini.
    2 thin slices of sourdough (We usually get this at Fresh Market)
    2Tbsp of Pizza Sauce like Ragu
    1 Serving of Turkey Sausage Crumbles Jimmy Dean
    1 Serving of Pepperoni or Turkey Pepperoni
    1 Serving or 1/2 serving of 2% Mozzarella Cheese
    Assemble and put in the panini press until browned and serve with steamed broccoli in the microwave. Dinner in like 10 minutes. 🙂

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