Day 111: Weigh In Day!!!!!!!!

Sorry this post is so late. I got home a little later than I had expected to. It was worth it though because I hung out with some friends from church and we had a blast. So this week had its’ share of challenges and I got through it but not as well as I had hoped. Regardless, I still lost 1.8 pounds which is pretty awesome! I’m at 303 so I would have to lose 3 pounds in about 3 days to break 300 by my 24th birthday. It’s so close that I can feel it. Time to buckle down and do it!

I have a confession to make to you, I’ve been really bad about habitually checking my weight not just through out the week, but through out the day. I’ve been doing it to out of fear that I’ve gained any but all it does is makes it where it’s all I can focus on and it rules me. I’m not going to lie, I was in a really bad place this week, but I’m working to steer away from doing that week. Plus, your weight fluctuates so much through out the day, there’s no point! It’s not telling you anything. So, I’m making myself not weigh until Thursday morning to see if I broke 300 by then and we’ll see. I think I’ve been doing this because I’ve been under this ridiculous delusion that everything will be better after I’m below 300 which is not the case. I still have a lot to lose and it’s going to get harder to lose as much. I really had to snap myself out of these thoughts today and move on.

Oh yeah, this week we are trying eating six small meals a day to see how that goes. Some people have said it has helped them lose weight.

Breakfast: I had a bowl of cereal with milk. Hooray. 4 points.

Lunch: Megan made this awesome egg white scramble with onions, peppers, and bell peppers. It was awesome. That plate was 5 points of deliciousness!!! Holy smokes!







Snack: We bought some Trail Mix from Earth Fare that was super on sale. It’s mostly pumpkin and sunflower seeds but it is really good. A 1/4 cup was only 3 points!

Snack: Megan made 3 point Strawberry Banana smoothies. So good.


(Sorry if this picture terrifies you, your small child, or your chihuahua)






Dinner: We were going to have mac and cheese but we ran short on time so we ate salmon instead! (A fair trade off I should say.) The salmon was just the way I like it, a little more on the rare side. We also bought a leafy mix salad and I had some Fat Free Honey Dijon which was awesome also. Surprisingly, I haven’t eaten a lot of salad since I started losing weight but I want to start because I really like it. Anyways, that plate was 9 points. So good.





Snack: While we were hanging out, some of the guys went and got food from Wendy’s so a couple of us just chilled and I had some cheerios. I haven’t eaten dried cereal in a while and I forgot how long it took to eat a cup of it! I’ll have to do that more often. That was only 2 points.

So today I only got up to 26 points but with the small meals, I wasn’t hunger at all during the day. However, I really need to be better about eating my daily points. This week, I learned that no matter how long you try to lose weight, you still learn a lot along the way. I was worried that I was becoming complacent but I think I have snapped out of whatever funk I was in/developing. It’s a new week, a clean slate. Should be a good one. See ya tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Day 111: Weigh In Day!!!!!!!!

  1. Funny you should mention checking your weight a lot throughout the day. I just caught up on the season premiere of The Biggest Loser and Bob brought up the fact that Arthur kept mentioning how he had to lose 300 lbs (the equivalent of his father) to be a manageable weight. Bob took him aside and pretty much told him that it’s not about the weight that you have to lose, but what you learn in the process (or something to that effect). It’s something that we all need to remember, it’s what we learn that matters, now how we get there. While having goals is good, we shouldn’t focus on them, I mean look back to where you were this time last year, 6 months ago, last week. What have you learned? What’s changed (good or bad)? What do you want to keep improving? It’s not just a change in weight, it’s a mind change and a lifestyle change. What you accomplish on they way (like losing 50 pounds) are just side accomplishments on the way to the final product, whatever it may be.

    Sorry for the poor writing and rambling. I hope this made sense, lol. All I’m saying is stop worrying about hitting 300, it’ll happen, but keep your eye on the big picture because that’s what really matters. You’re doing a good job 🙂

  2. I think it must be that time of the year because everybody is in a funk! Myself, included. I know you can totally lose those 3lbs! My suggestion would be to cut out carbs for just a few days and exercise hard. You’ll be golden!

    Though, it’s tough to get out of the mindset that everything will be better once I get to “this” weight. You are still going to have to same struggles and issues you have now. I think that’s the most important learning process that you go through during weight loss. You have tackle the things like emotional eating and self confidence so that when you do reach that number, you’re not just smaller but a better person too.

    I love the trail mix picture. Too funny!

  3. Nathan, congrats on your success! Just read your post on Fitblogger and I think it is wonderful you and Megan are serving as mutual sources of support.

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