Day 113: I Have Tuesday Troubles

This semester, Tuesdays are exhausting. Even though I have class from 2-6, I usually get up pretty early to get work done so after I finally get off the bus at 6:45, I am pooped. It’s my only real bad day so I can’t complain but it is compounded by the fact that Megan’s Tuesdays are rough too so Tuesdays are no bueno yo. Anyways, enough of this complaining. Let’s talk food. (Oh yeah, and Florida is the only state that doesn’t have snow right now. ARE YOU KIDDING!?!)

Breakfast: We made some steel cut oatmeal. Oatmeal is like the best thing in the world to me because it’s filling but you can guiltlessly (yep… that’s a made up word) doctor it up with brown sugar and cinnamon so you get the sweetness you always want. It was 3 points of yumness.

Lunch: While I was watching my blog hero Keep it Up David strutting his new stuff on Ellen today, I made a grilled ham and cheese with some spinach. Instead of butter, I just Pam’d the crap out of the griddle since I am notorious for burning grilled cheese. With some Earth Fare chips it was a legit 7 point meal.

(I don’t usually rant at this point in my posts, but I just thought of this so bear with me.) Today in my Account Planning class, a group who was presenting gave out Dove Chocolates to the class. I gave mine to a girl sitting next to me, but when everyone in the class started to unwrap their candy, the room became overwhelming with the aroma of chocolate. It just filled the air and I have never wanted chocolate so bad in my life. It felt like if I had a piece then, my life would have been complete. I loved that feeling. I love having that feeling about food, where it tantalizes your senses and makes you desire for it almost. Before I lost weight, even at my hungriest I never had a interaction with food like that. It was all about filling the hole that was my mouth. It didn’t matter how bad it was I just had to eat consume. At that point I have never been happier that I changed my life. Does that make any sense? Anyways, through out both classes I chomped on some 3 point trail mix.

Dinner: After I finally got home, Megan suggested that we go get some Panera. We haven’t been there in a while so I was stoked. I had the Turkey and Artichoke panini with a cup of creamy tomato soup. The soup alone was super filling and the sandwich was awesome. That plate was 15 points which is high but good.

I had a banana too 2 points.

So overall, I got up to 30 points which works for me. See ya tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 113: I Have Tuesday Troubles

  1. I think sometimes you have to rant and just get that thought out of your head. Sometimes I like to call it verbal vomit. You just feel better afterwards. Your meals look delicious. I’ve actually never been to Panera but that creamy tomato soup looks SO good. I’ve been obsessing about tomato soup lately!

    It’s awesome that you can tell how far you’ve come and that you are able to say no to things that you know are triggers for you.

    I hope your Tuesdays get better!

  2. “Instead of butter, I just Pam’d the crap out of the griddle since I am notorious for burning grilled cheese.” This made me laugh so hard!

    Thanks, Nathan for the link, and I’m your blog hero? I’m blushing. I’m just takin’ it day by day like you are.

    Keep it up!

    • Well… you have lost a crapton of weight. It’s pretty awesome. I can’t wait to be there too! Next time you see Richard Simmons, tell him he’s still a stud lol.

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